11 Matching Outfits For Dad and Son

I don’t have to convince you twice that matching outfits for daddy and his little cub are the cutest thing ever!

It is nearly impossible to copy dad’s wardrobe and dress like this all the time, but these matching outfits for daddy and son are perfect for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, or a family photo-shoot.

Not even talking about the attention those two will get from family, friends, and even strangers when they show up looking like twins! Denim shirts with khaki pants, matching printed T-shirts, or classic white shirts with elegant dress shoes, are something easy to find in Dad’s wardrobe to match his little boy, take a look here.

If you’re thinking of getting some outfits styled in a similar way, here’s some inspiration for you!

11 Matching Outfits for Daddy and Son

Denim Shirts

Matching outfits for dad and son
image: www.saksfifthavenue.com

This has swag written all over it. If daddy is as much of a hunk as the guy in this photo, they won’t only be getting compliments from family and friends. He’d probably get extra unwanted attention from women. 😉

Matching Printed T-shirts

Matching outfits for dad and son
image: etsy.com

This is the perfect outfit for a baby dedication. I’d make one for mommy, too!

Matching Fedora Hats

Matching Outfits For Dad and Son 2

The dark-colored fedora hat and the nude scarf does wonders for this outfit. The jacket and the trousers work great alone but the added accessories pull the entire ensemble together!

Hollywood Style

Matching Outfits For Dad and Son

Matthew McConaughey sure knows how to keep his son Hollywood ready. They have that same sandy blonde mop of hair women squeal for but the matching grey jackets make their sun-kissed skin stand out even more.

White Classic Shirt

Matching Outfits For Dad and Son

Classic khakis and white button-down shirt combo is a must-try for all father and son outfits. It screams gentleman all over.

Matching Ties

Matching Outfits For Dad and Son

Matching ties can make all the difference to your outfits. You can have a different shade of dress shirt but still, create a matching effect using a tie.

Tie The Waves

Matching Outfits For Dad and Son

Thank God beach wears come in different sizes! You can just pick the same design but of different sizes to have dad and son matching outfits!

Jeans And Sneakers

Matching Outfits For Dad and Son

Baseball shirts or any sports jersey, jeans, and sneakers work well together. Dressing your boy with his dad’s favorite sports team will definitely get you some compliments.

Bow Ties And Suspenders

Matching Outfits For Dad and Son

Bow ties and suspenders? Perfect matching outfits for any wedding!

Customized T-shirts

Matching Outfits For Dad and Son

This customized shirt is full of humor. I love it and I’m sure many of your doting relatives will, too.

Matching Outfits for Dad and Son

I just about died laughing upon seeing this father soon matching tees! What a cool way to introduce your son to the mass that will grow to love him to bits! Now you can literally call your boy a son of a gun! 😂

Matching outfits are as fun as playing dress-up.

You’d hear, “I want to be like daddy!” from your boy a few times until he finds his own identity. I have friends whose sons always want to match outfits with their dads. There’s no stopping them! Some actually throw tantrums if their outfits didn’t match dad.

Not enough inspiration here? Well, you can use the crap out of Pinterest! Lots of great fashion ideas there that would probably fill up your inspiration bank.

Keep up with the trends and still stick to the masculine side of fashion for your boys.

Have fun with fashion!

Got any dad and son matching outfits inspirations? Share them in a comment below!

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