Traveling with Kids – Do it Like a Pro with these Easy Tips

Traveling with kids is as difficult as trying to tame wild Tasmanian Devils for pets.

Okay, maybe I exaggerated that by a lot but you don’t how wild kids can get on a 15-hour flight with no running allowed until you’ve experienced them firsthand.

If you’ve gotten on a flight with your kids then you’ve probably got quite a few warnings from the steward desk, a bunch of “shhh” from other passengers, no sleep, and a breath of relief as soon as the pilot announces descent.

Relate much?

Well, to help you out on your next trip (if you’re crazy enough to have planned another one already), we have several tips to make your flight easier.

Get them interested in flying

Play pilots with them and show them what a flight is through videos and pictures. Show them what they might see outside their seat window.

Getting them interested will get them excited for the right reasons and pique their curiosity of airplanes.

Choose the right flight

Choosing the right flight can make all the difference with your kids. Do you want them to just sleep the majority of the flight? Then select a flight that coincides with their bedtime. By the time they wake up, you’d only have a few hours left to keep them entertained.

I’m sure you’ve thought of drugging them, but no. Absolute no-no! Instead, make sure they’re tired enough to be able to sleep a full eight hours.

Let them help in packing

Letting them pack their own luggage while you stand on the side to guide them helps build excitement for your trip.

Knowing where you’re going will help them pick out what they think they need and then you move in to keep only what you think they need. This is a good bonding time between parent and child to talk about what activities you can try, what events your kids would enjoy and get their opinion on what they’re looking forward to.


Always be prepared to divert their attention from the stewardess’ button to whatever you brought.

The best items to distract your kids would be a movie on your iPad, a coloring book, video games, candy, and or toys. These items will keep their hands busy, their minds running and their moods peachy!

Play in-flight games with them too!

Aid their ear popping

If your kid can already copy you, instruct them on how to release the pressure from their ears. If you have a toddler, have them drink milk. The sucking action has the same effect as forcefully blowing out the pressure.

Another option is to have them drink from their sippy cup.

Give them some treats

You’re going on a trip for vacation. Let your kids have fun. Loosen the reins a bit when it comes to their diet.

Are you a no-junk-food kind of mom? Let them have some in moderation! If they wand chips during the flight, give it to them. As much as possible, though, stay away from sweets or anything that would cause a sugar rush.

Trust me, you don’t want a tightly coiled spring of energy in an enclosed space.

Be considerate of others

As much as you want your kids to stay entertained so that you have fewer things to worry about, don’t try to do so at the expense of others. You’d have more to worry about if the person sitting in front or behind your child gets irate because of how entertained your child is becoming.

Remember, other passengers paid for their seats as well expecting a smooth flight. Be considerate of others by keeping your child entertained and controlled.

Be mentally prepared

Being mentally prepared is the key to traveling with kids. Mental preparation will help you keep calm and assertive – prepared for the worst and hoping for the best.

If you are calm, the tendency is your child stays calm. If you are irritable, expect your child to reflect your mood twice the magnitude, though.

Traveling with kids can be an interesting journey.

It all depends on how prepared you are and how excited you get your kids. Traveling with kids is an experience every parent must go through whether it be by flying, driving across the country, or taking train rides through different places.

It’s a perfect way to get to know your child better and bond in a way a normal day at home couldn’t bring you.

Go on adventures with your kids. Make memories while they’re young. Cherish them for life.

Got any tips for traveling with kids? Leave them in a comment below!

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