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Whether you live in an apartment or a house, you need greenery all year- round. You can create a heavenly indoor garden into your home, and make it more welcoming. Houseplants are an essential part of a cozy interior. They add freshness and vitality to the home, reduce stress, and purify the air of toxins.

In urban, city homes, flowers and plants are exposed to a number of factors such as dry air because of the heating systems or air conditioning, less light, and sometimes less watering if you forget about them. That is why many people find it hard to grow indoor plants, especially when they know very little about the humidity levels plants need. Of course, when you choose the right type of plant you can enjoy a green and fresh home. Moreover, it can wake up the real green thumb inside you and make you create the best indoor garden in your own home. Plus, this is the perfect stress reveal activity you can practice for free at your own home.

1Indoor Garden Decor Ideas

When you start your indoor garden project you need to consider your surface space. The good thing is that you can use the wall-mounted shelves, hanging plant containers on the windows, and some furniture pieces, and accessories, so you can save from your floor space.

Choose good quality pots, and vases for your plants, in order to turn them into a focal point of your home interior. Invest in plant holders, baskets, and hangers to make sure your home will keep its unique interior and style.

2Indoor Garden Hanging Planter Ideas

Safe floor space, and hang your indoor garden on the ceiling. You can arrange it like a live green chandelier, or use macrame, and special hanging pots, and baskets. Whatever you choose, the result will be stunning.

3Vertical Indoor Garden Ideas


Make the shelves in your home a vertical garden, and enjoy the freshness of the green plants. Of course, you can add some blooming flowers for more color, and accents.

4Indoor Garden Plant Shelf and Stand Ideas

If you are looking for more space, and air in your home, these hanging shelves are the perfect solution. Moreover, you can use this idea as a room separator. Just lovely!

5Wall Shelf and Planter Indoor Garden Ideas

When you want to cover bare walls and fill up the shelves, make it with living plants. You can use wall-mounted pots, or simply use standard shelving system to add a combination of pots, and baskets.

6Window and Sunroom Indoor Garden Ideas

I would say you are lucky if you have a sunroom, that you can turn into a real paradise. Of course, when you use your creativity and imagination, you can use the natural light from your windows, and place your plants around.

7Dining Room and Kitchen Indoor Garden Ideas

Do you love cooking? If the answer is yes then you know how special and important the herbs are for delicious meals. With these herbal pots in your kitchen, your dishes will always have the best taste. Psst… do not forget that fresh herbs are the secret ingredient for many cocktails!

8Indoor Garden Ideas for an Office

Working from your home office is more pleasant, and productive when you are surrounded by greens. You can style up your perfect working environment with plants that will give you fresher air, and help you to better your concentration.

9Indoor Garden Ideas for Bathrooms

Refreshing shower, relaxing bath… I love both. Now imagine taking an exotic shower among palms, and tropical plants. Sounds heavenly, isn’t it?

10Wall-Mounted Indoor Garden Ideas

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Wondering how to decorate, and give an accent of the wall above your sofa? Here is your perfect design idea. A whole green wall with honeycomb elements will give you the real natural feeling.

11Nursery Indoor Garden Ideas

Do not be afraid to add plants in the nursery room. There are so many appropriate plants that besides the aesthetic effect will purify the air in your kid’s room.

12Living Room Indoor Garden Ideas

Choose the focal point in your living room, and create your green heaven around it. Play with plant sizes, and hight. You can turn your living are into the ideal relaxing zone.

13Bedroom Indoor Garden Ideas

Your bedroom needs special attention when it comes to add plants in it. Make sure your selection of greens is ideal for this part of your home. Spider plants, snake plants, aloe vera are some of the best bedroom plants.

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