When (and Why) Did Coffee to Go Become so Popular

There isn’t a single individual on the whole planet that hasn’t tried this magnificent beverage. What is more, half of the people on the globe can easily admit that they cannot imagine starting their day without it, let alone not to drink it at all.

Coffee gives us some flabbergasting and unimaginable adrenaline, the rush, the urge to keep going when things get tough. Yep, it does sound like addiction, but coffee surely can brag about its fantastic use to mankind. So, when did it ever became so popular?

And when has exactly coffee to go become an absolute daily chore? Here is a brief history that would answer those questions and so much more.

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Going back to the roots

None can for sure tell exactly when and where this majestic bean originated for sure, but it was somewhere in Ethiopia.

One legend suggests that the coffee beans were first discovered when goats started to jump uncontrollably in some Ethiopian village after having eaten some strange berries form a small shrub unknown to man until that moment.

Goats, luck, and puff – coffee beans have been discovered. Soon after, coffee reached the Arabian peninsula and very fast spread all across the globe. The trade initially began in the Arabian peninsula, in the 15th century, but by the end of the 17th century it spread all over Europe and later to the “New World”.

In the beginning, coffee was notorious due to its strong flavors and unknown effects, plus it was extremely expensive at the time, but nothing impeded it to overwhelm all of our lives.

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The birth of coffee shops

Some form of beverage, either alcoholic or fizzy, used to gather people together no matter the cause. Coffee soon became a luxury that every individual strived to have and drink.

Very quickly restaurant and other parlous offering their services realized the glorious coffee benefits, and in no time placed it on the menus.

Coffee shops were packed with customers since everybody enjoyed its delicious flavors, plus going out to a restaurant to have your afternoon coffee was a thing of class and tradition. Tourists started visiting specific cities only to have a chance to drink this fabulous hot drink.

Very soon the love of owning special travel coffee mugs emerged as well. And then it blossomed into a never-ending process of “coffee-to-go” thing we know today.

Coffee to go and its worshipers

As people loved visiting coffee shops to get their regular dose of afternoon relaxation, quick gossip and a cup of freshly brewed perfection, they have also started wondering how to consume it more lucrative.

There was no lack of innovation, and in the 60s came the cutting edge idea of disposable coffee cups that came to stay for good. In 1964, the “7-Eleven” shop became the first convenience store in the world to sell coffee in these disposable or to-go cups, something which has been utterly impossible before.

Therefore, taking your loving hot beverage out of a store became an ongoing trend that has totally reshaped the coffee industry.

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Coffee to Go today

By the late 1800s, coffee has been served and made in almost every household. Nowadays, you don’t need to own a special coffee raster at home in order to have freshly brewed coffee, you can simply pick it out on your way. And we have arrived at the question of its ever so effective popularity, why?

When? Form the grand opening of its first shop in Seattle back on 30 March 1971, Starbucks is the main culprit for the massive coffee-to-go popularity. This company has raised “coffee drinking” to a whole new level.

From specially designated coffee mugs, artistic prints of disposable mugs, to keeping the mind on the planet by opting sustainable package and offering a complexity of wonderful flavors to all coffee-lovers.

No matter where the road may take you, you will always be able to find your freshly brewed cup of coffee-to-go and enjoy this superb beverage wherever you are.

Love might have been unimaginable without it, luckily coffee-to-go was invented and life became meaningful once again.

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