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As makeup industry gets smarter with new gadgets and innovations coming in every year, some things remain unchanged – like the correct way to apply your mascara, lipstick or eye shadow. Skills that we learn through trial and error and some of us still don’t master the basics to date. rounded up the best guides and makeup hacks from Pinterest to cover the absolute essentials to make your beauty routine as smooth as possible.

1How to Apply Eyeshadow

Correct eye shadow application is no rocket science, but so many of us still get it wrong. This handy infographic illustrates how it’s done properly!

2Four Steps to Gorgeous Brows

Thin brows are something that most of us have to deal every day. If you’re not one of the lucky few born with a gorgeous arch, this simple trick will help you to achieve the perfect look with just a few simple strokes.

3Lipstick Application

Getting lipstick all over your face every time you try to do it perfectly? Especially with red lipstick, each stroke out of line is a disaster. This simple trick will help you paint the perfect pout each time.

4Match your Eye Color

Gone are the days when eye shadows matched the color of your eyes and were simply plastered all over the lids. Use this guide next time you shop for eye shadows to make sure you find the match made in makeup heaven.

5Concealer Application

Hands up if you’ve been doing this wrong from the very start!

6Mascara Hack

Stubborn stuck mascara? A cup of hot water will make it easy to apply and use.

7Contouring 101


There are dozens of contouring guides available online, specific ones for each type of face, but with a simple approach as highlighted here you can’t go wrong.

8Airbrush Makeup 101

If you haven’t heard about airbrush makeup before, it’s the hottest trend soon to replace contouring. There are lots of home kits available online and you simply choose airbrush makeup color to match your complexion. After that, it’s a matter of pushing a button to achieve a flawless makeup application.


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