13+ Makeup Hacks that will Change Your Beauty Routine

As the makeup industry gets smarter with new gadgets and innovations coming in every year, some things remain unchanged – like the correct way to apply your mascara, lipstick, or eye shadow.

Skills that we learn through trial and error and some of us still don’t master the basics to date.

Momooze.com rounded up the best guides and makeup hacks from Pinterest to cover the absolute essentials to make your beauty routine as smooth as possible.

1. How to Apply Eyeshadow

Correct eye shadow application is no rocket science, but so many of us still get it wrong.

This handy infographic illustrates how it’s done properly!

2. Four Steps to Gorgeous Brows

Thin brows are something that most of us have to deal with every day.

If you’re not one of the lucky few born with a gorgeous arch, this simple trick will help you to achieve the perfect look with just a few simple strokes.

Makeup Hacks

3. Lipstick Application

Getting lipstick all over your face every time you try to do it perfectly?

Especially with red lipstick, each stroke out of line is a disaster.

This simple trick will help you paint the perfect pout each time.

4. Match your Eye Color

Gone are the days when eye shadows matched the color of your eyes and were simply plastered all over the lids.

Use this guide next time you shop for eye shadows to make sure you find the match made in makeup heaven.

5. Concealer Application

Hands up if you’ve been doing this wrong from the very start!

Makeup Hacks

6. Mascara Hack

Stubborn stuck mascara? A cup of hot water will make it easy to apply and use.

7. Contouring 101

There are dozens of contouring guides available online, specific ones for each type of face, but with a simple approach as highlighted here you can’t go wrong.

Makeup Hacks

8. Airbrush Makeup 101

If you haven’t heard about airbrush makeup before, it’s the hottest trend soon to replace contouring.

There are lots of home kits available online and you simply choose airbrush makeup color to match your complexion.

After that, it’s a matter of pushing a button to achieve a flawless makeup application.

9. How to Make Your Lips Fuller

If you are dreaming about full, plump lips, below you will find simple steps that will make your lips irresistible without any permanent corrections, and fillers.

Makeup Hacks

10. Brushes You Need For Perfect Makeup

Your daily makeup routine needs the right tools and brushes so you can apply your makeup correctly.

Makeup Hacks

11. How to Give a Lift Effect to Your Eyes

Tired, hooded eyes? Not anymore with the right eye lift makeup to enhance your eye shape and look. Ь small amount of highlighter in the corners of the eyes will make your look brighter.

Apply eyeliner in nude or white color on the lower eyelid. This will help the whites of the eyes to stand out with full force.

Curl your lashes as much as possible before applying your favorite mascara. Try to maintain eyebrows regularly because they emphasize the shape of the eyes.

Makeup Hacks

12. How to Apply Contour and Highlight

You can use creamy, liquid, or powder products to create contours and lighting, you could also combine several types of products.

  • Contouring: use matte products without gloss or brocade in them; use cool undertone, brown with an almost grey, cool tone, which most resemble a natural-looking shade.
  • Highlighting: use both matte and pearl products; for highlighting the area under the eyes, extend along the upper part of the cheekbones and down under the eyes in the form of a triangle; choose a lighter tone than your skin/foundation – for some, it may be one tone lighter, for others two tones, depending on skin color, but above all blend it well with other colors on the face so that there are no visible borders.
Makeup Hacks

13. How To Remove Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Choose a concealer that is only one, maximum of two shades lighter than your skin. The texture should be light, soft, and easy to apply under the eyes.

Instead of a brush or sponge, use your finger to carefully apply the concealer.

Apply concealer from the base of the eye below the lash line to the end of the eye so that you can spread it away from the eyebrow to the hair so that no contour is visible.

Apply a very small amount on the eyelid so that the color is the same if you do not apply eye shadow, but only mascara.

Makeup Hacks

14. Eyeliner Hacks

Beautiful eyeliner can say a lot, to completely change the radiance of the face, to give you self-confidence that can be felt by everyone around you.

There are three types of eyeliner – liquid, gel, or eyeliner pen, which is easier to catch, and the amount of product that falls on your eyelid is well measured.

With your index finger and middle finger, gently pull the upper eyelid, so you will stretch the skin and make it apply eyeliner as on a canvas. Using a light pencil applied correctly along the inner line of the lower and upper eyelids will create magic thanks to the play with light colors.

Makeup Hacks

15. How To Apply Blush According to Your Face Shape

Round, elongated, inverted triangle or heart-shaped face – what is your face? With the right makeup according to its shape, you will look even more beautiful.

The purpose of makeup is to give an oval shape to each face. Darker shades are applied to the frame of the face, and lighter ones emphasize your curves.

If you are not sure what your shape is, tie your hair and follow the shape of your face.

Makeup Hacks

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