War on Clutter: 17+ Genius Ways To Store Your Makeup

Hands up if your makeup is perfectly and neatly stored in a designated area of your desk or bathroom?

That’s not your case? You’re not alone.

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I was looking for my lipstick without having to shuffle my way through an overfilled bag of makeup (and the occasional socks, shower gel and toy cars from my kid).

Head straight to your this weeks TO DO list and add this as a priority: have organized makeup storage that even a makeup artist would be proud of!

Here are few of my favorite picks from the web.

1. Frame it

Finding the right color of nail polish can be a task if you have to dig through an arm deep bag full of them. Why not treat your nail polish collection as something to be part of and put it proudly on the display.

makeup storage
life ann style

2. Trendy Glass Boxes

Glass boxes are the THING for 2016 and you’d be surprised how well they work for makeup storage. Combine them with a similar style tray on your vanity table to complete the look.

makeup storage ideas

3. Professional Brush Holder

When you want something simple, yet practical, this brush box is a great solution – minimalist design with a practical division for your brushes.

makeup storage
eyes lips face

4. Glass Jars

Add a bit of personality to your makeup display and DIY yourself these cute glass holders, not just for your makeup brushes!

makeup storage

5. Painted mason jars

Pretty, pretty, pretty! I would choose colors to match my bedroom!

makeup storage
bubby and bean

6. Rotating Brush Storage

This looks like something a professional makeup artist would use – stick all your brushes on this rotating holder, the bottom tier also features a cover for the brush. Very neat and easy to access.

makeup storage

7. Vase for Brushes

If you’ve got as pretty brushes as these, why not put them on display proudly!

makeup storage ideas
real techniques

8. Candle Jar Organizer

Cheap and perfect hiding place for your lipsticks, lip balms and other small items that are hard to store in a drawer or makeup bag.

makeup storage
lust for lipgloss

9. Candle Jars

Instagram is roaring about these. Reuse your stylish candle jars and turn them into practical and very insta-worthy brush holders.

makeup storage ideas
etternaly classic

10. Copper Holders

We are mad about copper this year! This idea is a great solution if you have limited space at home and clearing the surface will be so much easier!

makeup storage
a beautiful mess

11. Makeup Brush Holder

This see-through makeup storage solution got hugely popular after it has been featured in the background on the Kardashians’ show. Combine with clear vase to keep your brushes tidy and within easy reach.

makeup storage

12. Candle Sticks

No need to increase the fire hazards at home when you can reuse your candle holders as your makeup storage!

makeup storage ideas

13. Candle Holders

makeup storage ideas
the budget decorator

14. Plant Pots

Get cheap stylish plant pots from Ikea and your brushes will be forever grateful.

makeup storage
source: thebeautifultruth.ie

15. Sushi Mat

You can buy purpose made makeup roll up bags, or make one yourself using a sushi mat and a strip of stretchy fabric or rubber to attach the brushes.

makeup storage

16. Cake Stand

Treat your makeup as a sweet treat and display them on a cake stand.

makeup storage

17. Animal Jars

With a bit of DIY, you can get a lot of cuteness out of boring glass containers.

makeup storage
bang on style blog

18. Professional Storage Solutions

If you’re not up for DIY, turn to the trusted clear makeup storage with divided sections for all your makeup needs.

makeup storage

19. Stylish Glass Jars

We’re back at glass containers – use old jam jars with a sticker for an old fashioned, but very on-trend look.

makeup storage ideas
Ludmila Lucas
makeup storage
The Style Cavalry

20. Tray Display

Trays are becoming the must have for any vanity table, find one with a glass bottom and you’ve hit the jackpot!

makeup storage
Simply Modest

21. Chest of Drawers

Purpose build departments, not just for makeup!

makeup storage ideas

Have you found your makeup storage inspiration? Did you come up with a unique and practical way to store your makeup? Leave a comment below, we would love to see a picture!

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