Entryway & Small Foyer Decorating Ideas

Decorating your entryway?

If you’re one of the lucky ones with a huge entryway, you’ve got plenty of options at your disposal to really make a grand entrance to your home.

For those with a small foyer or entryway we also have a few tricks up our sleeves to make the most out of the little space you can play with – the key is to keep it simple and mainly functional when it comes to home decor.

Few essential elements that should be always used include: bench or a small chair to sit down when you’re putting your shoes on, small storage solution for shoes, coat hanger and bowl or other place to keep your keys. These functional elements will ensure that your hallway space is used for it’s main purpose.

To decorate a small space, it’s always a good idea to use a mirror to optically make the space bigger. Few plants and a touch of gold will also add a bit more glamour to the usually cluttered space.

If you’re looking for real life examples how to make the most out of your foyer, below are some superb ideas for decorating small entryways to get you inspired!

1Simple Storage Solutions

2Tiny Bench

3DIY Entryway Bench

source: Pinterest

4Spell it Out

source: Pinterest

5Shelf Instead of Entryway Bench

6Statement Wood

source fieltro.net

7For Narrow Entryways

source fieltro.net

8Integrated Storage Solutions

9Bold with Gold

10Matching Mirror

11Sleek Minimalism


12Don’t Forget about Stairs

13Say Hello

14Essence of Luxury

15Cozy Farmhouse Style

source fieltro.net

16Cheap Entryway Bench

17Modern Boheme Entryway

18Farmhouse Entryway

source: Pinterest

19Keep it Simple

20Shoe Storage Solution

21Light and Bright

source fieltro.net

22Wood with Gold

23Modern Classic


24Seasonal Touches

25Stay a While

26Artist’s Touch

27Minimalist Home

source: Pinterest

28For Narrow Entryways


29Squeeze it In

30Open Storage

31Personal Touch

32Essentials Only

33Hotel Style Entryway

34Chairs in Focus

35Staircase Entryway Solution

36Modern Entryway

37Staircase in Focus

source: Pinterest

38Small Bench Solution for Staircase

39For Tight Spaces

source: Pinterest

40Add Green

41Add Ottoman to add Style

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