how to decorate coffee table

Looking for a new coffee table? I am sure you will reconsider your descision right after your read today’s article.

When it comes to decorating your home, I am sure many of you give special attention to the living room. Soft, comfy sofas, and chairs, and of course a coffee table where you will welcome all of your friends on sweet talks. How to decorate coffee table in order to look like a really expensive piece?

Often some small details and accessories are the missing element from the perfect interior. Usually, they give the very special mood, and vibes of your home. If you arrange them properly you could turn your coffee table into an extremely attractive accent of your home. In addition, it will give you more comfort and a pleasant feeling.

You can easily transform the look of your sitting area with various accessories like candles, trays or bowls, vases with fresh or artificial flowers. For a more stylish and modern look, you can place some books and magazines on the top.

How to decorate your coffee table when you are expecting your BFFs on a cup of coffee, or on a glass of wine?

Of course, there are some hints you would like to know. You will need something personal, an accessory that will give a hight, something with a quirky design, and something vivid and fresh like flowers.

  • For everyday usage, for instance, you do not need a special arrangement. Fewer items on the coffee table will free up your mind while having your coffee. A few magazines and fresh flowers are more than enough.
  • When you have guests in the afternoon for a small tea or coffee party, make sure you serve a small breakfast, and treats in a fancy way. Use cloth napkins for a more elegant, and aesthetic look.
  • What about a ladies’ night with wine and champagne, how to decorate coffee table when you will have a party? Simply play with the colored glassware, cake stands, and candles.

1Wooden Tray

Keep the coffee table cluttered and tidy. You can use a wooden tray to place some accessories, vase with flowers, or candles.

2Fresh Spring Flowers

how to decorate coffee table

A vase with fresh flowers always bring brightnes, and fresh touch. It makes your home looks cleaner, and spiritual.

3Golden Touch

Add a luxurious element with some golden effected accessories, such like vases, candy bowls, and trays.

4Orchids Glory

how to decorate coffee table

Orchids are great choice if you want to give an aesthetic look of your coffee table. Their blooms are not only beautiful, but they last for longer if you take care for it. Honestly, planting orchids is not that difficult as many of you might think.

5Glass Tray

source: Bandeja de vidrio | HOMY

A glass round tray with golden elements is just the best option to give a warmer atmosphere for clean, minimilistic interiors in white- grey hues.

6Round Vases

Round vases are ideal to fill up some space. It is great solution if your living room is wider.

7Peony Magic

Peonies are a symbol of wealth, honour, and prosperity. Beside this, peony is used in many cosmetic lines beacuse of its heavenly fragnance.

8Ceramic Lantern

Pour a glass of wine and strech your legs on the coffee table. With warm candle light you will give a homely atmosphere.

9Lavender Dreams

Forget about the busy day and relax on the sofa, these lavender bouquettes are the perfect stress relief on your mind.

10Inspiration From The East

Minimalism inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun.

11Tall Candle Holders

Coffee table decoration need a tall element that will make it look complete. Tall candle holders are the perfect addition. Choose the best shape and material for your interior in order to make your home more welcoming.

12Fluffy Element

13Golden Pineapple Coffee Table Decoration

A quirky element is absolutely mendatory when you want to deocrate your coffee table.

14Coffee Table Decoration With Candles

Candles are great when you want to add an accent color to your interior, plus most of them are scented and will make your home smell on expensive fragrance.

15Ceramic Bowl

An aesthetic ceramic bowl could replace a normal storage tray, and make your coffee table more elegant.

16Cake Stand

how to decorate coffee table

A cake stand could be your next favorite decoration element.

17Sugary Sweet Coffee Table Decoration

Serve some sweet treats to your guests in crystal bowls on marble tray.

18Daisy Love

The perfect place for a tea, or champagne party. Golden elements, fishbowl vase, and pink hue. So girly!

19Farmhouse Elegance

Elegance in beige and natural shades. A vase in twisted shape, and beads tassel decoration.

20Spring Tree Coffe Table Decoration

Welcome the spring in your home with beautifully arranged vase with spring tree brunches.

21Modern Farmhouse

Elements like beads garland, rattan baskets and natural textures are so in farmhouse style.

22Boho Coffee Table Inspiration

Marble cup mats, and a few books for the perfect afternoon coffee.

23Shabby Chic

Less is more, a tray with accessories and fresh flowers.

24Island Spirit

Fresh flowers and fruits are both ideal to decorate your coffee table. It is a perfect solution when you need to add a bright color.

25Transparent Coffee Table


Place some statement pieces under the transperent table like these fluffy stools. It will make your coffee table look massive and colored.

26Parisien Flat

If you live in a tiny flat and have a glass coffee table you can turn it into a real dimond. Add a wooden tray with elegant accessories, and of course a fresh bouquette.

27Rustic Coffee Table Decoration

Your coffee table decoration need something rustic, and vintage.

how to decorate coffee table