Tips to Choose the Best Coffee Table for Your Home

The coffee table is one of the essential pieces of every living room, which has both a functional and a decorative role. 

It often becomes a center of attention for everyone when you enter the room. It can be used for coffee with friends, snacks, romantic dinner, or as a decorative element, depending on its design.

The coffee table should match the interior elements of your home visually and at the same time be practical to provide you with maximum comfort. If you do not know how to choose the perfect coffee table, we have selected useful tips on how to do that. 

A non-standard coffee table will become a decorative accent of the living room without having to add much more to the space. So you can skip any additional decoration, as it itself will attract attention with its extravagant look. 

You can bet on a set of several tables or choose a large flat stool to be used as a coffee table with a tray on top. You can choose a coffee table in the shape of a sculpture and turn your living room into a real work of art!

When you want to add a vintage piece to your modern interior a Mid-century coffee table to make a statement with your interior style. 

One of the key factors in choosing a coffee table is its height. Too low a table can strain your back, while an unnecessarily high coffee table can get in the way of watching the TV area.

To determine the ideal height of the table, use a simple principle. The table top should be at the same level as the seats on your sofa, armchairs, or stools. Only then will everything be easily accessible. 

Tips to Choose the Best Coffee Table for Your Home 1

What Kind of Coffee Table to Choose According to the Shape?

Round table– The round coffee table is suitable for both large and small rooms. A big advantage is the lack of sharp corners, which makes it a suitable choice for families with children.

Square table – the square coffee table is usually massive and strong, but is suitable for medium and large rooms. Most models have at least one shelf that can be used for storage.

Rectangular table – the most preferred shape for the coffee table is rectangular, as it is the most practical and easily fits into any furniture. It is the best choice for a corner sofa, as well as for a living room furnished only with armchairs. The long and narrow table leaves enough free space to move into the room.

Double coffee tables– A practical and interesting option is the table with two countertops, which enter one below the other and can be used both together and separately.

What Material Should it be Made Of?

Wood – undoubtedly the most common option is a wooden coffee table. Wood brings warmth and coziness to the living room, as well as guarantees durability and stability.

Metal – tables made of metal are elegant and stylish, suitable for living rooms with interiors in modern or industrial style. 

The wrought iron table is really impressive. Suitable for classic, country, or farmhouse style. It is strong, massive, durable, and beautiful.

Glass – the glass table is a great solution for a small living room, as it reflects light and gives a feeling of space. It is also suitable for modern, minimalist, and clean design.

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