Zero Stress and Epic Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Kids often start to plan their upcoming birthday party the second their last birthday party is over.  It’s exciting to celebrate with friends, receive presents, and enjoy some cake.

Planning a party, for a three-year-old or tween, is most successful when it involves thoughtful details and is a joyous occasion for everyone attending.

Zero Stress and Epic Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Kids 1

Have a Plan

When the parents hosting the child’s party are relaxed and having a good time, that sets the mood for the entire event.  

It will even make the birthday kid happy! When you have a party plan in place that means you will not go over budget, you know how long the party will be, what games will be played, and in what order.

Most importantly, you will avoid the last-minute scramble which can skyrocket stress levels.  BLUEPRINT is a newly launched DIY downloadable party plan that provides step-by-step instructions on how to plan a memorable child’s birthday party.  

Blueprint plans are based on themes and are based on the planning of more than 3,000 kids’ parties.

Use a Birthday Party Checklist

With a checklist in place, all you have to do is follow what comes next.  Start with what is needed for a set-up including supplies, food, music, items for activities, and goodie bags.  

Have a sense of what will happen when guests arrive, what games will be played and how long each game should take when to have cake and a snack, and a warm way of saying goodbye when the party is over.

Play High-Energy Games

Crying children are never part of the birthday plan. When the goal is to create a magical and memorable day, keeping everyone happy is the goal.

Even though it sounds almost impossible, high-energy games that do not have a winner and a loser are party pleasers.  When everyone is playing a relay game or participating in an activity altogether, no one is on the sidelines waiting for a winner to be announced.  

Kids are having a good time and they feel like they are involved and a part of the celebration.

Pick Your Child’s Dream Theme

The best themes are selected by your child and fit into their age group. Younger children might need a story time as a break in the middle of the party, while older kids like tweens may opt for more grown-up themes like a pajama party or fashion runway.  

Again, it’s not about fancy décor or expensive entertainment, but about focusing on what your child likes to do.  

Keep in mind what size party works best for your child and respect their wishes, be it to invite everyone in their class or just a few close friends.

Keep an Eye on the Time

A 90-minute party works best for most children. This is enough time for everyone to arrive, be introduced, play several games, enjoy cake and then wind the party down.  

If some children feel that they want to stay longer and your child is having a good time, then let the party continue!

But having a 90-minute party allows ensures that everyone is engaged and having a good time because the time is packed with fun things to do.

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