6 Ways To Generate Income From Home

It feels so comfortable to stay at home and be in your jammies all day. You get to do a lot of things—clean up, cook, read, etc. Over time, you will discover what you like to do and which tasks you want to avoid. However, being at home too much can get boring and staggering, especially if the days seem quite repetitive already.

What can you do to make it better?

Making Money At Home

If you want to make your stay-at-home experience better, it would be great to explore money-making options. Imagine earning and saving at the comfort of your home—in your favorite pair of shirt and joggers and your slippers on. What a luxury, right? This will make staying at home more fun and exciting. You can help with your family’s expenses and can make proper use of your time.

How Do You Do It?

People always ask how to do it. The secret is to open your mind and explore different options. Likewise, think about what you want to do and how it can be a source of income. Here are a few examples that might give you an idea.

Start an Online Business

At the start of the pandemic, many people resorted to establishing online businesses to continue earning money after all physical stores have closed. You don’t need to be a famous businessman to start your online store. You can start small and sell things you are interested in. you only need to market it properly so that many people will take an interest in it.

Bake Cookies

Nobody can resist food! Now that everyone is mostly at home, there’s nothing better to do than eat—aside from exercise, of course. Thus, if you’ve developed a habit and hobby for baking, you can start selling those. If you’re not an expert yet, practice the simplest recipes like baking chocolate crinkles, red velvet cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies. Have your family and friends taste it until you perfect your recipe. Invest in cute packaging and social media content to advertise your goods properly.

Become a Freelance Writer

With the Internet, a lot of things are possible. You can be anything you want without having to expose your identity. Likewise, you can apply for online jobs on different websites. Many people are now focused on creating a website for their brands, and websites require content—blogs that people can read. 

Most marketers and business owners do not have time to write these articles themselves, so they hire people to do it for them. If you have a talent for writing, try to apply to become a writer.

First, you need to make a portfolio of your articles so that you can show them what you’re made of.

Stream Online

Computer games have become so popular, and if you’re one of the many who like to play the latest games, you can earn money by streaming on different online platforms. Many enthusiasts want to watch live streams of gamers so that they can learn from their tactics. Besides just watching, they will subscribe to your channel and send you stars to show their support. Once you have a lot of followers, you will be earning in no time.

Invest In Stocks

If you have extra cash to spare, you can invest in stocks. At this time of the pandemic, most stock prices have decreased. Thus, it’s time to purchase stocks while they’re still affordable. Soon enough, you will start earning and be surprised that your investment has tripled over time. This is one of the hottest passive income ideas on the market.

Be an Online Administrative Assistant

The shift to the online world has been difficult for other marketers. Thus, they need your assistance now more than ever. You can earn money by working as an administrative assistant. An administrative assistant takes care of the marketer’s calendar, creates reports, and even handles social media. Other times, you will be tasked to oversee other processes and become a project manager. Through this experience, you will learn many skills that you can apply and develop over time.


There are many different ways to earn at home. By exploring the Internet, you can find many online jobs available. You just have to find agencies or websites that can help you. It’s easy—just sign up to make an account and customize your profile. 

If you want to be your own boss, be bold and start your own YouTube channel to showcase your talents and hobbies. As you gain more subscribers and followers, you increase your chances of monetizing your videos. Practice what you love most and hone your skills. These are all going to be handy if you want to earn at home without stressing yourself out.

Julie Higgins
Julie is a Staff Writer at momooze.com. She has been working in publishing houses before joining the editorial team at momooze. Julie's love and passion are topics around beauty, lifestyle, hair and nails.