Becoming a Badass Mompreneur: 14+ Top Ideas for a Home-Based Business

Returning to work after a hiatus and learning to balance a career with motherhood is no easy feat for already busy moms.

Many career-driven women readily put their professional rise on hold for the sake of motherhood and providing a loving home to their sprouts.

However, at some point, once the little ones get to a certain age and there is already an effective daily routine established at home, you may feel the nudge to explore your career path anew!

Besides, working moms are a great example for their sons and daughters. Daughters can learn female leadership from an early age and sons can help diminish gender inequality in their generation.

Going back into the professional world as a busy mom can be plain intimidating. You may want to go back to an old job but harbor fears of being out of touch with your industry. This encourages us to find the best jobs for moms and top ideas for home-based businesses.

Top Ideas for a Home-Based Business

Alternatively, you may want to pursue a new career path. In fact, many stay-at-home moms take baby steps in the process (no pun intended) and start by getting an online degree (for example at a Christian psychology school) or further qualifications, before venturing back into the professional world.

The good news is, that there are thousands of moms out there who manage to forge a new path for themselves! They are called mompreneurs.

Check out these 14+ fantastic home-based business ideas below, which will nurture your entrepreneurial spirit and, hopefully, inspire you to action!

14+ Top Ideas for a Home-Based Business

14+ Top Ideas for a Home-Based Business

1. Catering

Launching a home-based catering business can be easy and simple in the very beginning. All you need is your network of moms and your praised cake or cupcake decoration skills.

Maybe you specialize in preparing your grandma’s secret recipe or have a unique recipe for flavored popcorn.

You can start small as a neighborhood word-of-mouth business and move on to providing catering for commercial establishments.

Set-up costs will be higher if you cater to corporate businesses (think cookware and transportation!).

Don’t forget to ensure that you follow all guidelines, read through all fine print, and then go ahead and sign the application for the catering delivery business.

Make sure you have all the required licenses that your state requires such as the food handler license.

2. Handmade Wedding Favors

The wedding industry does not succumb to financial crises. Although it is a saturated market, it still welcomes creative newcomers!

You can let your artistic self come up with original crafts techniques to charm potential wedding planners and shopping brides-to-be.

Creating unique and memorable wedding favors is a dream job for DIY aficionados!

3. Make-Up Artist/Hairstylist

If you are a gifted braid master or a self-trained make-up artist, consider setting up a service for your friends, family, and connections!

Start a Facebook page, put ads on local notice boards and share with your mom friends. There are plenty of weddings, proms, private photoshoots, Halloween parties, and special occasions all year round that would need a dedicated creative at work!

4. Launch a Line of Homemade Beauty Products

There is certainly demand for organic and vegan skincare out there. Our mothers and grandmothers have many DIY beauty hacks that the billion-dollar industry doesn’t stand a chance against!

You can grow your own ingredients and even take qualifications and workshops in making soaps, scrubs, lip balms, creams, and other beauty products.

Check labeling requirements before you design your packaging. Launch your online shop on popular platforms like Etsy or negotiate a deal with a local cosmetics shop.

5. Create a Line of Baby Products

There are so many stories about moms who moved on to building baby product businesses, after realizing there is a gap in the market and there are no products out there good enough for their kids.

You probably know Jessica Alba’s baby laundry product story that led to the creation of the Honest empire.

There are so many other ‘ordinary’ moms (this makes us chuckle) out there who have launched thriving businesses that cater to children and moms. Perhaps it is an organic cotton clothing line or baby skincare products that you feel are missing on the market?

6. Set up a B&B

If you have spare space and local tourism is thriving, setting up a B&B may be a great option for you! It allows for flexibility and you can always reject booking inquiries, if you are busy or find the guests unsuitable (e.g. smokers).

7. Sports Instructor/Nutritionist

If you love movement, nutrition, yoga, or a particular form of exercise, teaching workshops/classes at a local studio and offering online consultations can be a great part-time alternative.

You can also create an online series of workouts specially designed for moms. In the era of social media, viable online business opportunities keep multiplying daily.

8. Create YouTube Videos

Even teenagers can earn a proper salary these days by creating original YouTube videos and monetizing them.

If you are a quirky, fun-loving, and cool mom, creating Voice over videos for moms or even specifically for kids can turn into a profitable venture. As long as you stay on track with social media trends!

There is even a musical movie called ‘The Goddess’ which tells a heartwarming story of a mom-gone YouTube star.

9. Virtual Assistant

There are plenty of general distance work positions listed on job sites, such as data entry specialist or social media manager, which don’t require a very specific qualification and are fairly easy to get accustomed to.

10. Web Design, Graphic Design & App Development

Some of us are tech-savvy. If you boast those competencies in your resume, why not venture into a freelance career? You can prepare marketing materials, help small businesses put together a website, and participate in an exciting new mobile technology project.

11. Affiliate Marketing

Here is a business opportunity that offers great flexibility. If you love research, networking, and spending time online, affiliate marketing may be just the right field for you!

You can do mom blogging and promote products and services online, that you feel passionate about.

12. Invent a Product

Some moms actually come up with an original idea for a brand new creation.

Jacqueline Smith, a mom of boys, turned her passion product – Liquid Palisade, the original liquid painter’s tape for nails – into a hugely successful international brand. You can follow suit.

13. Set Up a Home-Based Consulting Business

If you are already a CPA, for instance, you can start selling your services as a freelancer.

If you are uncertain about what career path to take, give yourself time to review your strengths and interests after the life-changing experience of motherhood has turned your world upside down, mostly for the better. Evaluate your competencies and experience, and discover the most tempting field of interest.

You can trust yourself to work independently as a new freelance professional. You make humans, after all.

14. For the Animal Lovers

If you love animals, there are plenty of small business opportunities for your household – from animal boarding to a home-based animal treat bakery!

The bonus here is that you can lead by example and teach your kids to connect with animals early on.

Before you set up your kitchen counter business, research all the rules and regulations for your chosen type of business, seek the advice of professionals in the field, and consider all important checkpoints in crafting a viable business plan.

Get in touch with us if you have a successful mompreneur story, we’d love to tell it!

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