Boosting Your Interior Decor: 25+ Fab DIY Crafts Ideas

Time for a little spring refresh? You’re in luck – we just rounded up the 25 hottest DIY trends from Pinterest to give you a whole bunch of ideas for your home.

Whether you’re looking for some new DIY accessories to freshen up the look of your living room, or a few ideas to get your garden or porch summer ready, we’re pretty sure you will find plenty of exciting inspiration in this roundup.

Ready to get started? Don’t forget to leave a comment below to tell us which one was your favorite!

DIY Pallet Sofa

Construction pallets seem to be one of the most popular materials for DIY projects on Pinterest – rightly so!

This DIY sofa requires just a few nails and pieces of wood and makes a great addition to your front porch or new garden hideout. Throw in a few soft cushions and candles for some cozy vibes.

DIY interior decor ideas
source: funky interiors

DIY Kitchen Storage

One of the easiest things you can make in your kitchen and a huge space saver too! If this farmhouse style doesn’t fit your kitchen, you can simply change the materials to blend seamlessly in your current kitchen style (we’re thinking of a shiny copper bar with hanging frying pans, anyone?)

DIY interior decor ideas
source: poppytalk

Botanical Frames

Not everyone can afford a house with a huge garden, and if you’re one of those people, there are always ways to bring more nature into your home or apartment. These simple botanical frames are one the easiest ways to make your place look fresh and relaxing. All you need is double mirror frames and a few samples of your favorite plants or flowers.

DIY interior decor ideas
source: femina

Wire Side Table

This is one of the most loved DIYs on Pinterest and we thought it would be a shame not to include it here. Other variations include using a gold spray to give the table a bit of a luxury feeling.

DIY interior decor ideas 31
source: homelover

Headboard into Chair

One of the most ingenious ways to use a headboard! Needs a bit more advanced crafting skills, but the results are well worth it, what do you think?

If you’re looking for something a bit comfier to catch your favorite series in the evenings, you would probably prefer one of the
Stressless recliners at Push of a button and you’re ready to relax!

DIY interior decor ideas 33
source: dixiebelle

Macrame Chair

This year is all about zero waste and if you want to embrace the trend, getting a new life for old overused pieces of furniture is a great way to start.

DIY interior decor ideas 30
source: thewhoot

DIY Shoe Rack

Ladies, this one is for you! Showcase your favorite shoes on this super easy DIY shoe display. The bottom would be great for storing smaller handbags, what do you think?

DIY interior decor ideas
source: refinery29

Floating Frames

Remember the botanical prints we mentioned earlier? We found this cool display and thought we haven’t seen anything like it before! Create your very own botanical gallery in your window – just beware – not suitable for homes with small children.

DIY interior decor ideas 14
source: lovemaegan

Wall Decor

Turn into an interior designer using simple wall stickers – there is plenty to choose from online, and some of the websites even let you create your own custom designs and set your preferences before they ship the stickers to you!

DIY interior decor ideas
source: uwdecals

Simple Shelves

DIY 101 – it doesn’t get more simple than this!

DIY interior decor ideas
source: burkarton

Mirror Upcycle

Round mirrors are the hit this year and you’ve probably seen them in all sizes and colors. This version with eucalyptus leaves is by far the favorite of our editorial team.

DIY interior decor ideas
source: fallfordiy

Trellis Plant Wall

Got an empty wall at home? Love plants? Here is an idea for you!

DIY interior decor ideas
source: vintagerevivals

Photo Display

In a world where everything seems to be digital, it’s nice to have some printed photos around, especially if they are at your home office desk or somewhere you can see them every day.

For this DIY, you only need an old hula hoop, spray and some family photos – voila, your very own photo display is ready!

DIY interior decor ideas 15
source: brit+co

Crate Shelves

Spray paint really worked its magic here! For better support, don’t forget to secure the crates together properly.

DIY interior decor ideas 16
source: brit+co

Tree of Life

Another way to bring nature in – there are lots of variations of this DIY project online, and this one is of the easier ones to execute.

20DIY interior decor ideas 12
source: inahlehti

Pallet Plant Holder

Too many plants, too little space? This is the solution – also perfect for storing cooking herbs so they are always at hand!

DIY interior decor ideas
source: stylemepretty

Clever Shoe Storage

Not everyone has space for a walk-in wardrobe, this shoe storage solution is perfect for smaller houses or apartments.

DIY interior decor ideas 21
source: farmhouz

IKEA Chair Hack

How to make something very cheap look very expensive? Wanna know the secret? It starts at IKEA, of course…

DIY interior decor ideas 22
source: diyjoy

Bathroom Makeup Cabinet

Keep your brushes and makeup essentials out of the bathroom counters to avoid an unnecessary mess!

DIY interior decor ideas 23

Beauty Corner

Believe it or not, this can be actually bought as you see it, or you can easily DIY it at home and make it fit your own space.

DIY interior decor ideas
source: futoncompany

Flower Wall

Beyond their function as an idyllic photo prop, flower walls also add a beautiful feminine element to any room. For the best results, use artificial flowers.

DIY interior decor ideas 25

Floating Herb Garden

If you love cooking with fresh herbs, this little hanging garden is a great solution to avoid limiting your counter space.

DIY interior decor ideas 26
source: lovelyroom

DIY Farmhouse Office Desk

Any requests for a home office desk anyone?

DIY interior decor ideas 27
source: manmade-heaven

Floating Pink Shelves

Go crazy, go ombre!! This DIY project may look expert level, but all you need is good alignment and a nice color palette.

interior home decor
source: essential home

Kids Dressers

Is your little one a dinosaur lover? Here is a weekend project for the whole family!

DIY interior decor ideas 29
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