25+ Beautiful Nursery Lights Ideas

Lighting is certainly one of the most important aspects of your home. It is what sets the mood, lights up your space, and brings your kids comfortable in the middle of the night. But lights are also the best way to enhance the contrast between light and shade in your home to create a more dramatic interior design.

Pinterest is full of ideas on how to make your kid’s room or nursery feel cozy, vibrant, and fun. Let us show you how it’s done!

Nursery Lights Ideas

Moon Lamp

A beautiful way to add more personality to the nursery. Works well with dramatic dark walls but also with light beige or white. Stars are not obligatory but well recommended.

moon lamp

All White

Go all bold and white with a beautiful statement ceiling light.

all white

Boho Lights

Boho is still a very popular nursery theme and you can choose from dozens of beautiful light designs like this tassel ceiling light.

boho lights

Tree Light

Use your walls creatively, like in this case.

tree light


No matter what nursery theme you choose, pretty much guaranteed you will find a fitting ceiling light!

original lights

Canopy Lights

For a little fairy-land atmosphere, string lights are always a good idea – all year round, not just in winter!

canopy lights

Light Shower

Easy DIY project for moms with skilled hands.

light shower

Fit for a Princess

Cut out straight from a fairy-tale book.

This lighting for nursery will give your kid a feeling of being a princess and you should definitely try this out. Plus it goes very well with the overall surrounding of any room.

princess lights

Campfire Lamp

Table lamp doesn’t have to be boring or cost a fortune.


Terrarium Paper Lamp

Bring in a bit of nature!

paper lamp

Cloud Lights

Perfect little DIY project or you can buy these ready-made. Click the link under image to see details.

cloud lights


Vibrant without the need to overuse colors.

morrocan lights


Star garland strikes again.

star lights


Golden ceiling lights are some of the most popular ones for nurseries.

modern lights

Air Balloon Lamp

Beautiful simple light that never gets old. Charming and practical.

air balloon

Classic Chandelier

Fancy something traditional and more classic? Chandelier of any size will do!

nursery chandelier

Industrial Look

Who says you can’t pull of the industrial feel also in a nursery? This lamp is the perfect example.

industrial lights

Night Light with Stars

Night light that creates a beautiful display of stars with moon on the walls.

night light

Paper Lamps

These are just too cute for words!

paper lamps

Black & White

Unconventional lights selection for a nursery.

black lights


Make it count – turn your ceiling light into a feature of your nursery.

playful lights

Jellyfish Lamp

Mermaid themed nursery? These will fit right in!

jellyfish lamp

Fancy Lamp

No need to reserve your fancy table lamps just for living room!

fancy lamp

String Lights

Kids bedrooms look adorable with multicolored string lights strewn about and can turn a boring room into a fun room instantly.

string lights

ZOO Lamp

Display their favorite animals in this unique lamp!

zoo lamp

Low Hanging Pendant Lights

Low hanging pendant lights are another great way to make a feature and highlight particular areas in a large room. 


For Boys

Who wouldn’t love this original crane lamp?

boys lamp

Bonus – Smart Lighting

As our homes get smarter, lights can get smarter too. The dimmer switch of old is now being replaced with smart lights offer a dynamic lighting option that gets to know your preferences and can be controlled via an app. DuskMotion.com is a great example of a smart light and it works well with other technologies such as Alexa.

smart lights

Don’t be afraid to make some wacky decisions, just go with your gut and have some fun!

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