15+ Fun Kids Mocktails to Make this Summer

When we start to organize a kids party most of us are focused more on decoration, cake and food.

But we should not forget about the beverages and the way we serve them. Kids also love to have cocktails and fancy drink decoration.

Here 15+ fun kids mocktails to fascinate your little guests.

1Watermelon Slush


Watermelon- the summer queen! A juicy, sweet and perfect ingredient for mocktails.

2Shark Slush

Baby sharks need special mocktails for their party. We already show you some ideas for baby shark cookies and now its time to add the ideal beverage to this theme party.

3Copycat Ocean Water

If you organize a pool or beach party the ocean theme is one of the most popular ones. And of course, we could not skip a Copycat Ocean Water. You are free to use your imagination to add different shape ice cubs and mocktail ocean accessories.

4Mermaid Water Mocktail

5Cotton Candy Mocktail

Kids love cotton candy and are always excited to have it on parties. There are many fun mocktail recipes with cotton candy that your kids would love. From a cotton candy soda to cotton candy milkshakes and shooters.


One of the best advantages of the summer parties is the variety of fresh and juicy fruits we could use for mocktails. Try to mix and match the flavours of the fruits to get an unusual lemonade drink to your kids.

7Bring the stars to your party

fun kids mocktails to make this summer

With some extraordinary ideas, your fun mocktails make your kids fly to the stars.

Bright and colourful, this mocktail idea is the perfect addition to your mermaid theme party.

8Star Wars Blue Milk Galaxy Freakshake

Does not matter if you are from the dark side or not, this milkshake will transport you far, far away…

9“Me Want Cookie”


Unicorns- all girls are crazy about them and would be so excited to have these milkshakes on their party.

11Frozen Fun Mocktail

12Jello shots

Crazy and colourful, these jello shots probably are the funniest mocktails.

13 Wreck-It Ralph Sugar Rush Slushie

14Inspired by the wild

15Black Panther Mocktail

16Spider-man Mocktail

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