Scandinavian design has plenty of appeal for you even if you don’t happen to leave in one of the countries. The simplicity and functionality with which Scandinavian designers approach home features has been improved to perfection over the years.

Dining room happens to be one of the rooms where simplicity and functionality is at the forefront of choosing your chairs, table and decorations.

Scandinavian dining rooms feature a lot of natural elements, be it wooden tables, benches or chairs, all perfectly matched with toned down decor or one or two feature elements to elevate the room.

If you picked this style for our dining room, the great news is – it’s hard to get it wrong. Follow a few simple design rules and nothing can be easier than getting inspirations from dining rooms that already look stunning.

Scandinavian dining rooms are a huge topic on Pinterest and there is a mix of different styles to fit houses or apartments of all shapes and sizes.

Pick what works best for your family and home and get planning!

1Beauty in Simplicity

2Farmhouse Style

3Art in Focus

4All White

5Scandinavian Minimalism

6Use a Bench

7Wooden Feature Table

8Clean Lines

9Use Natural Wood

10Light & White

11With Round Table

12Rattan Chairs

13Industrial Elements

14Minimalist Artwork

15Small Dining Room Solution

16Tiny Dining Corner

17Mix & Match Chairs

18Black Chairs

19White Farmhouse Style Chairs

source: Pinterest

20Metal with Wood

21Scandinavian Oak Chairs

22Statement Chandelier

23Swedish Style Dining Room

24Corner Dining Room in Aparment

25Vibrant Swedish Style Dining Room

26Farmhouse Scandi Style with Dark Chairs

27Add Plants

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