30+ Fun Pokemon Party Ideas Your Kids will Love

Do you have a Pokemon fan in your life? Pokemon is a huge part of many kids’ lives, so it’s no wonder that you’re looking for fun pokemon party ideas.

In this article, we’ll cover everything from more than 30 fun Pokemon party ideas, how to nail the perfect plan and get your kid involved in the process, all the way down to what food and decorations are best for the occasion.

You’ll also learn about some of our favorite DIY projects.

Planning a party, especially a Pokemon-themed one, does sound like a big task. With so many different Pokemon types, it’s hard to know where to start.

But don’t worry! We have you covered. Here are some of our best tips for throwing the perfect Pokemon party:

Pokemon Party Ideas: Tips for the Perfect Party

  • Decide on a theme – If you want to make this party one of the best parties ever, you should choose a theme that is fun and easy to plan. Do you want to go with a specific character or one of the games? Maybe your kid wants to be Pikachu all day? Or maybe they’ve got their eye on Snorlax? Either way, figure out what kind of pokemon celebration you want before moving forward with any other details.
  • Decorations – Pick out decorations and supplies based on your theme or character choice. This can include streamers and balloons in different colors, unique plates, party favors and more! You can opt to DIY your decor, which can be a fun activity between you and your kid. However, if you want to save some time, you could also easily get your hands on decorations online or at a store near you.
  • Prepare Games – Put together an activity list for the kids and parents who will attend. Have an itinerary mapped out – this way your guests will be entertained and you won’t be stressed out. 

Now, your kids have been waiting for this moment all year: the chance to celebrate Pokemon with a party.

Whether they’re a fan of the games, trading cards, or just the adorable little monsters themselves, it’s no surprise why they’re so popular. Kids would absolutely love a Pokemon-themed party! And while it can be tempting to just throw a whole bunch of supplies and food together, you can easily plan something that’s both fun AND unique.

While you can’t exactly throw a birthday party for Pikachu, there are still some great ways to incorporate Pokemon into your celebration. Here are 30+ fun ideas for organizing the perfect Pokemon-themed party:

30+ Best Pokemon Party Ideas

Now that you have a vision for the activities, it’s time to get into the details of your awesome Pokemon party! Get inspired by these amazing, fun options:

1. Personalized Pokemon Sign

Pokemon Party Ideas

2. Pokemon Photo Booth and Party Table

Pokemon Party Ideas

3. Pokemon Cake

Pokemon Party Ideas

4. Pokemon Balloons

Pokemon Party Ideas

5. Pokemon Cookies

Pokemon Party Ideas

6. Pokemon Dessert Table

Pokemon Party Ideas

7. Pokemon Pizza Party

Pokemon Party Ideas

8. Pokemon Mini Cookies

Pokemon Party Ideas

9. Pokemon Cakepops

Pokemon Party Ideas

10. Pokemon Pinata

Pokemon Party Ideas

11. Pokemon Cupcakes

Pokemon Party Ideas

12. Pokemon Rice Crispies

Pokemon Party Ideas

13. Cupcake Number Cake

Pokemon Party Ideas

14. Pokemon Birthday T-Shirt

Pokemon Party Ideas

15. Pokemon Party Outfits

Pokemon Party Ideas

16. Pokemon Bundt Cakes

Pokemon Party Ideas

17. Pokemon Soap Bubbles

Pokemon Party Ideas

18. DIY Pokemon Party Ideas

Pokemon Party Ideas

19. Pokemon Birthday Garland

Pokemon Party Ideas

20. Pokemon Party Favor Box

Pokemon Party Ideas

21. Pokemon Part Favor Ideas

Pokemon Party Ideas

22. Pokemon Cake Topper

Pokemon Party Ideas

23. Pokemon Number Cake

Pokemon Party Ideas

24. Pokemon Garden Party

Pokemon Party Ideas

25. Pokemon Party Table Centerpiece

Pokemon Party Ideas

26. Squirtle Party

Pokemon Party Ideas

27. Charmander Party Hat

Pokemon Party Ideas

28. Pokemon Backyard Party

Pokemon Party Ideas

29. Pokemon Cookie Cake

Pokemon Party Ideas

30. Pokemon Monster Donuts

Pokemon Party Ideas

31. Girly Pokemon Party Ideas

Pokemon Party Ideas

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of our fun Pokemon party ideas – we’re certainly ready to celebrate!
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