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Whenever mom life feels like an emotional rollercoaster, some true-to-life humor and a glass of wine can be your perfect little pick-me-up! Whenever you feel less than a superhero and have one of those moments when frustration and exhaustion taks over the wheel, kick back and allow yourself to have a good time.

Hang in there mamas, we got your back! We have collected some of the funniest memes about oh-not-so-perfect parenting. Is there a manual? No. Does it make for a good joke at the end of the day? Probably, more like down the road. All moms have been there, that’s why parenting humor feels so universal. Here are 25 hilarious memes which capture the inevitable imperfection of parenthood. Let the flaws serve us as guidance and a source of humor that makes us laugh through the tears.

1The Mom in E.T., for Comparison

via goodhousekeeping.com

2What If?

via lovelearnraise.com

3Not a Striver, No

via @wivesnightin

4Please Forget

via @sarcasticmommy4

5The Closest Thing to a Spa Day

via @kidspot

6Those 3 Words

via @amydillon

7Aah, the ’80s

Via imgur

8I Told You So

via boredpanda.com

9When They Keep Following You

via buzzfeed.com

10Find Shelter

via goodhousekeeping.com

11Dream Crushed

via someecards.com

12Time to Lie Down Already?

via goodhousekeeping.com

13‘The Art of Not Cooking’

via buzzfeed.com

14I Don’t Know You

via someecards.com

15Yup, It’s Mostly Magic

via Cathy Ngo/BuzzFeed

16Having Kids is Expensive

via ellembee.com

17Finding the Right Platform

via boredpanda.com

18Don’t Speak…

via interscope.com

19About Your Google Search History

via boredpanda.com

20When You’re More Cartoon Than Human

via buzzfeed.com

21Bedtime Struggles

via babygaga.com

22Can’t, Just Can’t

via crappypictures.com

23First Kid. Second Kid.

via upworthy.com

24Looking for the Other Shoe

via @cheeseboy22

25Relax, Homie


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