20+ Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Maternity Leave

Boredom is often a big problem for many new stay-at-home-moms. Of course, there’s a world of joy to be had from the act of parenting itself, and from seeing your little one discover the world, with wide-eyed awe and wonder. Nonetheless, if you were used to having an active life before, and have significantly curtailed your activity levels, you can quickly end up feeling a bit of cabin fever.

We compiled a handy list of ideas to fill your days and free time during your maternity leave. Let us know which one was your favorite in comments.

Start a New Hobby

One of the most recommended solutions is starting a new hobby. Hobbies like photography come with the added benefit of documenting the first few months or years of your little one’s life. Cameras are super affordable now so there are simply no excuses – get one and get shooting! For tips how to store all your pictures, we covered that in a previous post here. Calligraphy is also a great option, to get started read this article.

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Do an Online Degree

It may well be that your life path no longer includes you working full time in a busy corporation, as you now have a child, and feel like dedicating as much of your time as possible to them and their successful and happy upbringing.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you never want to work again.

One way in which many ambitious moms resolve this issue is by becoming entrepreneurs and running their own businesses from home.

Doing an online degree in those breaks you have between singing lullabies and visiting the playground, can perfectly set the stage for a successful entrepreneurial career down the line. If, for example, you dream of starting a business which involves managing a small team of staff, doing a masters in strategy and leadership may be a great investment in your future.

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Read More Books

For the quiet moments when the baby sleeps, it’s the perfect time to relax yourself and read a book. While many people are fans of fiction, we believe you get the most value out of non-fiction books filled with practical advice on anything from personal development to food hacks.

reading books

Travel with Kids

Having a small baby doesn’t have to stop you from exploring the world.  Challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone – book a weekend break for each month or do a long-distance travel plan that will be an experience for the whole family.

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Get in Shape

What most moms crave during maternity is their physical fitness. With little opportunities to go to the gym, the best solution is to pick something you can do at home. Like yoga or pilates. If you have any medical conditions, always consult your doctors before such physical activity.

mom yoga

Get Your Skin in Good Shape

Find some me time each week to take a proper care of your skin. You will be rewarded not just with the new mom glow, but also with healthy looking glowing skin.

skin routine

Simplify and Organize Your House

Now is the perfect time to get your house, files or those messy cupboards in order. Draft a plan and make a small progress each day.

organize house

Reconnect With Old Friends or Find New Ones

One of the best ways to spend your time with kids is to have company of your friends. Whether new or old, make conscoius effort to get out of the house and talk to other people.

mom friends

Do Your Wardrobe Rehab

If your wardrobe is in a bit of a state after your pregnancy, a little rehab will give you the confidence you need. It doesn’t cost a fortune and you will only need a few sunday afternoons to pull it off.

wardrobe rehab

Listen to Podcasts

If you don’t like books, podcasts are a great way to infuse your brain with practical and valuable information.


Work on Your Relationship

Don’t forget about your other half too! Book date nights each week and enjoy each other’s company.

date night

Get Your Finances in Order

If you’ve been having financial difficulties, maternity would be a good time to review where your money goes and where can you save some. If you’re struggling you can find part time hobbies that will make you money and supplement your family income.

personal finance

Learn a New Skill for Free

Knowledge doesn’t have to cost anything. Here are 52 new skills and hobbies you can learn for free. Link under the image.

new skills

Start a Business

Sounds daunting? It’s easier than you think! You can start with zero or very little capital.

start a business

Write a Book

Something that has always been on your bucket list? Now is the time to do it!

write a book

Start a Blog

Join the ranks of mommy bloggers or start something completely different – self developmetn blog, food blog, personal finance blog… the options and limitless and the costs is nearly zero.

start a blog

Plan Plenty of Playdates

If your kids are a bit older, playdates are a great way to get them busy while you can enjoy a bit of time for yourself.


Indulge in Me Time

Book a massage, pedicure and get yourself pampered!


Learn Meditation

Meditation has so many benefits and can be done in 5 minutes at home.  Here is a easy guide to get you started – link under the image.


Get Your Garden in Order

The dreaded task that you’ve been putting off for years – take your time and just get started. Turn your garden into your private little paradise where you can relax with a good book.


Enjoy The Time Off!

There is absolutely no pressure to do much during maternity leave. If you feel like you can barely find time to take a shower and feed the kids, take whatever time you have left to chill and take a breath.

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