30 + Fall Bucket List For Couples

Hello October! The snuggling season is already here and we have wrapped up the warmest fall bucket list for couples.

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean taking the little black dress deep into the closet. Autumn months can also be full of romantic encounters, and here’s how to make the experience unforgettable with these few tips.

You can take advantage of the wonderful colorful time and plan romantic outdoor meetings. Walk in the mountains, pick apples, or just have a picnic – these are all great options.

Or you can stay indoors, wrap up in your favorite cashmere sweater or blanket and enjoy a glass of nice wine with your loved one.

Fall Bucket List For Couples

30 + Fall Bucket List For Couples

1. Go on a Brewery Tour 

Such a lovely idea to spend your weekend. You will have some city escape, plus you will enjoy the rich, caramel taste of beer. In case there is no brewer company near you, you can always organize a brewery party in your backyard.

2. Scary Movie Night

Scary, spooky October is the best time to watch scary movies. You will have a person to snuggle in when the scariest scenes start.

3. Hit up the Apple Orchard

It is harvest time and you can spend some time on the field picking apples. Super healthy, fun activity suitable for couples.

4. Carve Pumpkins

Something that you can add in the first place in your fall bucket list. Halloween is coming, and you need to be prepared with your decorations.

5. Make Your Own Fall Decor

Take advantage of the beautiful colors of all the fall leaves, bright flowers, and of course all sizes of pumpkins and make your home more welcoming, and beautiful.

6. Go on a Bike Ride

“But you’ll look sweet upon the seat
Of a bicycle built for two”

7. Visit a National Park

Another great idea you need to add to your fall bucket list for couples is to visit a National Park. Enjoy the beautiful scenes of nature, and steal the last sunshine together with your loved one.

8. Fly Kites 

Use the fall wind to fly kites, or in case there is a kite festival around you, you definitely must see it. A sky full of shapes and colors is just magical.

9. Go Canoeing or Kayaking

On a lake or on the pond in the city park, it is so romantic.

10. Make Apple Cider

11. Go to a State or Local Fair

Explore and enjoy the products, concerts, and food of some local fairs around you. You will never know what you can miss.

12. Star Gaze

Twinkle, twinkle, little star… perfect activity for couples you could try on the last warm nights. Even from your balcony, it is something really romantic.

13. Take a Road Trip

Get into your car, and get a ride anywhere. Just enjoy the bright colors around and have fun.

14. Have a Bonfire

Grab the blankets, a nice bottle of wine, and if you want to be sweeter than ever, get some s’mores. And spend a lovely night bonfire in your loved one’s arms.

15. Horseback Riding

Say goodbye to the summer with something extreme as horseback riding together with your love. Get lost in the wood, and feel the romantic air just like in Robin Hoods’ scenes.

16. Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins everywhere.

17. Football Games

Just like high school sweetheart, you can attend a college football or any other sports game. Be careful of the kiss cam.

18. Drive-In Movie

When there are some restrictions on visiting indoor places, you can always count on a drive-in movie, or simply make your own in your garden.

19. Foodie Date

Love, wine, and good food- the perfect combination for a romantic date in any season honestly.

20. Visit Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets are great to find tasty food and fresh products. Get your soulmate and spend a lovely afternoon shopping together.

21. Go on a Picnic

A picnic is always a good idea for a romantic date.

22. Run a Race Together

Run a race, or start practicing a sport together. It is just a lovely way to spend more time next to each other.

23. Go to a Haunted House Tour

Feel the Halloween spirit, and visit a haunted house. Your man will be next to you, so there is nothing to be scare of.

24. Go Through a Corn Maze

Lost in a corn maze, and roll in the hay- a lovely and fun fall couple activity.

25. Plan a Halloween Party

Halloween is just 2 weeks away, and If you haven’t planned it yet you don’t have any time left.

26. Watch the Sunset

Steal the sunset together with your soulmate.

27. Bake a Pie

Apple pie, blueberry pie, just pick a flavor.

28. Have a Game Night

Game night for couples will turn the heat up.

29. Make Candy Apples

After you went to pick some apples it is time to make candy apples. Sweet!

30. Try New Cocktails

It is always a good idea to try some new cocktails, no matter the season.

31. Have Donuts and Cider Date

It is the season of apple cider, apple desserts, and donuts.

32. Decor Your Home For Fall

33. Light Candles

Light some candles and just feel the romantic air.

34. Have a Date on First Date Place

Recreate your first date, and recall this special feeling of the first touch and kiss.

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