valentines ideas for kids

Celebrate the day of love surrounded by your creative, filled with pure love little cupids at home. Here are some of the best Valentine’s day kids’ ideas to keep them busy.

Beautiful 3D heart-shaped cards, stunning wall decorations, and candle holders. Everything made by the little hands of your kids.

Turn your home into a magical place where love could be felt in the air. Enjoy the precious gifts from your kids made with the purest love in this world. So, do not waste any more time!

Get some pink sheets of paper, glue, and sprinkle sweet hearts around. It is Valentine’s day when everything is heart-shaped, sugary, and sweet.

1Yarn Hearts

All you need is soft wire to make the heart shape and some red or pink yarn. Strap around with yarn and your Valentine’s day decoration is done.

2Hearts Pom Pom Garlands

valentines ideas for kids

Add some Valentine’s themed garlands on the front door, or around the windows. Paper hearts in a combination with fluffy pom poms are the perfect way to decorate your home.

3Valentine’s Beads Garlands

Kids just love to play with beads. Collect the pink ones and combine them with white, give them a string and they would love to create beads garlands. They are the ideal gift for grandmothers and friends.

4Yarn Trees

Yarn trees are easy to make, plus they are ideal for every holiday and occasion. You will need an empty paper roll, white yarn, and different sizes of paper hearts.

5Heart Stones

Give a heart to the small rocks you have collected last time from the mountain river shore. Kids would love to paint on the stones. Besides, this is a great way to decor your window flower boxes.

6Heart-Shaped Photo Frame

The sweetest way to arrange the best family photos. Just choose a material for the board- a wooden piece, cork and even cardboard perfectly works or this craft.

7Valentine’s Messages Jar

Celebrate the love every day. This love message jar is the best source of positive energy and vibes. Start the day with warm love thoughts and make it through the busy day on the wings of love.

8Personalized Labels

Sweet like chocolate Valentine’s day idea for kids. Leave them to personalize their own package labels and let them pack sweet candies. Be ready to find empty chocolate wraps.

9Fabric Valentine’s Day Ornaments

valentines ideas for kids

Decorate hair clips, headbandanas, and even broches with these lovely fabric hearts.

10Love Tree

valentines ideas for kids

3D tree of love is simply a masterpiece. Lovely Valentine’s day crafty idea for your kids.

11Love Tic Toe

valentines ideas for kids

Kids love to play board games. Let them create their own heart tic toe with heart- shaped tokens.

123D Hearts Card

valentines ideas for kids

“I love you” are simple words expressed in the cutest hearted card.

13A Love Bee

valentines ideas for kids

Cute little love bee craft is perfect to teach your kids the importance of bees for our planet.

14Valentine’s Rainbow

valentines ideas for kids

Give some colors to your kids and let them create their own magical hear- shaped rainbow. A lovely Valentine’s day project that you can use as a wall decoration in the hallway.

15Lovely Penguin

valentines ideas for kids

There is something really special in penguins, kids are crazy about them. Probably it is because of the big round eyes. They would be so happy to make their own penguin from heart- shaped paper.

16Cupid’s Arrow

valentines ideas for kids

What is Valentine’s day without Cupid’s arrows to strike you.

17Cute Lovely Owl

valentines ideas for kids

Another great Valentine’s day ideas for kids that will keep them busy and concentrate.

18Heart Garlands

valentines ideas for kids

Your home will get the vision of a romantic movie scene decoarated with 3D paper hearts garlands. Let the magic of love into your home and heart every day.

19Valentine’s Butterfly

Your next pencil holder on your desk- sweet butterfly made by empty paper roll.

20Hearts Bouquet

valentines ideas for kids

An adorable heart bouquet made by few paper hearts, markers and a glue. Easy, but so lovely project.

21Valentine’s Day Birdfeeders

valentines ideas for kids

One of your parent’s tasks is to teach your kids to love nature and to take care of other creatures. Making Valentine’s day birdfeeders is not only the next DIY home project. It is a lesson that will teach them to be careful and lovable to mother nature.

22Cans Candle Holders

valentines ideas for kids

Empty cans are wonderful items for all kinds of DIY crafts. These candleholders are just the perfect gifts that your kids would love to create. Help them to make the wholes and let them paint and personalize them.

23Button Card

Use colorful buttons to create funny characters and personalize them to your family members. Funny and creative card idea to celebrate St. Valentine Day.

valentines day kids ideas

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