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Sweeten this Valentine’s Day with more than amazing, mouth-watering homemade desserts and sip on vibrant pink cocktails to boost the lovers mood! Here at Momooze.com, we have painstakingly selected the prettiest and yummiest eats and treats and can’t wait for you to try out these superb recipes. You can use them as a secret weapon to arouse the appetite of your loved one (yay for extra endorphins and serotonin), or just give them away as treats at the office. Some you can prepare with your kids, especially if they already have a secret crush at school.
Except for the no-bake recipes, baking will take at least an hour and some extra time for cooling and decoration. Re-create the healthiest versions of the recipes below by sourcing strawberries from a local farm, for instance, or making your own easy vegan Nutella. Check these out:

1Delicious Cake With Sweet Potato Frosting

This tray may look pretty modest, yet the rich and luscious frosting made out of chocolate and sweet potato will earn all the extra points with your spoon partner. Check out the recipe and feel free to experiment using the same frosting to crown other treats.

2Strawberry Sandwiches

These cute chocolate wafer cookies with pink royal icing will lighten the mood in any space, whether you bring them to the office or share them with your neighbors. The recipe yields 9 sandwiches. You may want to double that.

3Nutella-Stuffed Cookie

Here is a decadent cookie recipe which is pretty straightforward: Prepare the dough and fill it up with frozen scoops of Nutella! The total preparation time is 1 1/2 hr.

4Red Velvet Cheesecake Bars

These sumptuous red velvet squares take only 50 mins to prep and bake, and about 4 hours to chill.

5Vanilla Pudding

This perfectly smooth homemade pudding serves six and takes less than half an hour to prepare. And stock up on heart-shaped sprinkles before the stores run out!

6Heart Cookie With Cheese Cream Frosting

This is a classic cookie recipe with total prep time of 1 hour 40 min. Feel free to take liberties with decoration, or keep it simple with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles!

7Caramel Apple Stuffed Cookie

Sign us up for all the apple cider treats! With their soft cinnamon aroma, these creamy cookies will add the perfect finishing touch to your Valentine’s Day treat tray. Prep time is 50 mins.

8Strawberry Yoghurt Bark

This healthy V Day snack requires just a few simple ingredients to prepare. Once you source your strawberries locally and buy/make your own vanilla yoghurt, the rest takes no time at all. The little ones will also enjoy helping out with this one!

9Heart Shaped Brownies

These pretty fudge brownie hearts come with a decadent raspberry butter cream filling inside that you can make from scratch at home! Total prep time is 1 hr 30 mins.

10Red Velvet Skillet Cookie

Get the big Nutella jar back on the kitchen counter top. In just 40 mins, you’ll have an aromatic cookie skillet you can serve steaming with ice cream on top!

11White Chocolate Cherry Shortbread

These mouth-watering butter cookies are made with almond extract and half a cup of finely chopped maraschino cherries. It takes a little over an hour to deliver a batch of 60 decadent rose-hued cookies.

12No-Bake Oreo Cookies

For the lovers of Oreos, here comes another sweet treat classic calling for only four ingredients, including cream cheese, canola oil and chocolate chips. Bon Appétit!

13Vegan White Chocolate Pistachio Truffles

These silky pistachio truffles made with only four ingredients are vegan and incredibly easy to make. Decorate with a mix of superfoods and powders, such as matcha, cocoa and/or beetroot.

14Dipped Strawberries

Dip, decorate, freeze.

15Gin-Based Valentine’s Day Cocktail

This lush gin-based cocktail is incredibly rich in flavor and aroma, with seductive notes of pomegranate and cinnamon!

16Tiramisu Tippers

You can’t go wrong with a tiramisu-inspired concoction! Main ingredients feature coffee liqueur, vodka, creme de cacao and ice cream. Garnish with cocoa beans or chocolate curls and shavings!

17Love Potion #9 Martini

Carve some love into this special occasion with a delicious Love Potion #9 Martini! A mix of black raspberry liqueur, strawberry vodka and pomegranate juice, this triple berry martini will make a great addition to a night of romance.

18Flavored Rose Ice Cubes

One more suggestion, in case you want to get extra points for creativity…

Keep it rosy, keep it playful!


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