Although being pregnant is such a good piece of news, most women who experienced sickness during pregnancy must agree that it is awful. Many of them were admitted to the hospital because of extreme morning sickness.

It is difficult to stay positive during the first phase as everything can make you want to vomit even the smell of your favorite dishes. However, there are plenty of ways that might help you feel more comfortable to get through this period.

Here are 15 morning sickness hacks for pregnant women that are very useful when you are in the initial phase of pregnancy.

1Have a small meal before your bedtime and before you get out of bed

Why don’t you keep some cookies by your bed and enjoy them before sleeping at night and before getting out of the bed in the morning?

Biscuits could help you calm your stomach so that you will say goodbye to midnight sickness. Also, they will prevent your stomach from being empty in the morning.

Thus, you might feel better when getting up and moving around.


2Peppermint is your friend

A very well-known flavor that you will find in your toothpaste, tea, or gums is peppermint. Thanks to its main ingredients, methyl salicylate, and menthol, peppermint is proven to help your digestion as well as calm down your stomach.

Likewise, peppermint has very positive effects on skin irritation, anxiety, gastrointestinal tract, depression and nausea treatment. Therefore, mint tea is a good option.


3Ginger Tea

Another simple way that is effective in reducing the symptoms of morning sickness that moms could apply is to take sips of ginger tea. Similar to peppermint, ginger tea can prevent your tummy upset.

However, if you do not want to make tea, you can try any form of it, for example, crystallized ginger.


4Try to satisfy your hunger

It is true that your morning sickness will be worse if you are hungry, so do not let it ruin your day. Instead, always have some snacks by your side.

Although most women have no appetite during the first trimester of pregnancy, providing the stomach something to work with will help.


5Do not let yourself suffer from stress

You could be easily on the wrong track when you are not able to handle pressure.

Overwhelming feelings, anxiety or any negative things can contribute to your morning sickness. Hence, keep yourself away from everything that makes you sad, or angry with. If necessary, request permission to take a few days off instead of pushing yourself too hard.


6Say ‘No’ to dehydration

You will dehydrate very quickly because sickness brings all food and water back out. However, dehydration will bring on nausea later. Therefore, what you should do is keeping drinking water to avoid becoming dehydrated. If you are too tired to take a big glass of water at one time, so try to take a few sips of it every 10 minutes!


7Eat watermelon

If you find the ’10 minutes’ formula too complicated, eating watermelon could be an alternative for you since it can reduce the morning sickness.

Watermelon is a kind of fruits which is very high in fruit sugars and water alleviating nausea.


8Electrolyte ice cubes

When everything becomes extreme, and you cannot take even water, let give electrolyte ice cubes a try. Simply, pour the electrolyte liquid into your ice cube trays.

Every time you could not calm your sickness down, suck a few of them to avoid dehydration. This method will quickly relieve nausea and keep your body hydrated.


9Try Yoga

Have you ever thought about doing yoga for 30 minutes – 60 minutes per day? It is stated that yoga is effective at treating nausea – a common symptom of stomachache, pregnancy, and medications. Also, this system of exercises will help you flush the toxins out as well as bring people positive relief.

The following gentle exercise is a suggestion for you.


10Small meals are better

Morning sickness causes you to lose your appetite, so do not stick to the normal routine – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Instead, you can separate into smaller meals that you will not be overwhelmed by.


11Add more avocados and eggs into your meals

As you do not want to take big meals as usual due to morning sickness, make sure that everything you eat is nutritious and healthy. Hence, eggs and avocados are well loved by pregnant women because they have a refreshing taste and contains vital vitamins for you and your baby.


12Sleep longer

A good way to take energy back is to take a long sleep. You will feel completely different after a deep sleep.


13Stay away from greasy foods

The types mentioned above are the ones that you should take, so what type of foods that you had better stay away? The answer is the greasy and spicy foods. They look so attractive; however, your nausea will be triggered right away. Also, these are unhealthy.


14Figure out your happy hours

During the day, there will be some hours that you are more dynamic and energetic to do your work. Therefore, try to figure it out even though you need to spend a quite long time. Some women feel better in the morning while others stay more positive in the evening.


15Try coconut oil daily

To fight the morning sickness, you can take 2 full tablespoons of coconut oil every day. Apart from being an anti-bacterial medium, it is good at supporting you in getting rid of nausea and vomiting.



Morning sickness might be annoying at first. In spite of that, if you know how to deal with it, your pregnancy will be much easier and healthier. Hopefully, you enjoyed this article and wished you to have a happy pregnancy!

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