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There are so many common misconceptions about possible hacks to enhance yours and your partner’s fertility. In fact, you should probably start your conception attempt research by checking debunked myths – such as keeping your legs lifted after intercourse – and seeing what’s actually proven to be true around them – like laying down 10-15 mins after sex and refraining from peeing straightaway.

In this latest article, we suggest 9 natural ways to give a boost to your uterus, and we haven’t forgotten the daddy-to-be either! From delicious superfoods and nutrition, to the use of non-toxic feminine products, healthy lifestyle changes, and the value of stress-free pleasure – we have got you covered, ladies! Enjoy reading!

You can start your journey by recording your menstrual cycle frequency and choosing your preferred way of ovulation prediction. Many rely on those ovulation-prediction kits sold at drugstores that measure urine for luteinizing hormone, which increases during ovulation.  Others prefer monitoring the basal body temperature (BBT), which increases after ovulation has occurred. BBT tracking is actually more suitable for women with regular cycles. Another easy clue for all of us, however, is checking the amount and appearance of cervical mucus in the vagina. When your vaginal discharge increases and resembles raw egg whites, it’s time, girlfriend!

Consulting a trusted professional will give you some extra peace of mind, particularly if you have concerns about age, health and other factors. In fact, studies show that over 10% of couples are likely to experience difficulties getting pregnant


1Get More Folate In Your System

For a long time it was believed that the body absorbs folic acid, the synthetic form of Vitamin B9, more easily than the naturally occurring folate. Perhaps prenatal folic acid vitamins were your superhero in a previous pregnancy! However, it is now widely accepted that it’s best to get your Vitamin B9 from whole foods, such as avocado, Brussel sprout, legumes, asparagus and beets. Folate-rich foods also include leafy greens like spinach, kale and arugula. Besides multiple health benefits, they also help with producing quality sperm and eggs, and preventing birth defects.


2Try More Superfoods like Maca

Maca is an ancient herb from Peru which women would take for fertility, men – for virility, Inca warriors – for energy and students – for focus and concentration. It is incredibly rich in nutrients – it boasts 31 minerals and 60 phytonutrients! Maca is particularly useful in improving the sexual function, egg health and sperm quality. This fertility-enhancing superfood comes in different ‘colors’, or different root varieties: red maca is great for women, and black maca for men. All of them have a light butterscotch taste and are a great addition to smoothies!


3Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly – the honey bee secretion that fosters the fertility of queen bees – is another popular superfood which helps boost fertility in men and women. It is a nutritional powerhouse and contributes to optimal hormonal balance, egg health and sperm viability. Incorporate it effortlessly into your diet with a weekly smoothie: add some spinach, fruits, coconut water, spices like ginger and cardamom, and homemade honey!


4Eliminate Toxic Foods and Habits

Think about the toxic foods and habits you love to indulge in – be it cigarettes, alcohol, too much caffeine, processed sugars etc… The antioxidants you try to boost your fertility with will produce a small effect only, if you pull back your body’s health with the intake of toxic substances. If you are not sure about how certain foods, drinks and other diet elements affect your fertility and could also affect your pregnancy down the road, go through the list with your doctor item by item if you have to! The possibility of conceiving, carrying and bringing a healthy child into this world is worth the small sacrifice of some discipline and increased awareness!


5Enjoy a Royal Breakfast

Or at least a nutrient-packed smoothie! Studies suggest that women should eat a more abundant, high-calorie breakfast to decrease chances of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and reduce their insuline and testosterone levels – all of which have been linked to decreased fertility!


6Consider a Separate Diet for Both of You

It just makes sense that sperm and eggs would need a little bit of a different boost for optimal health and viability. There are various fertility studies that focus on diet, supplements and lifestyle separately for men and women. You can consult an experienced fertility and pregnancy nutritionist who can tailor special dietary programs to your needs!


7Moderate Exercise and a Healthy Weight

Studies show that excessive exercise decreases fertility in women, and that both underweight and overweight women experience greater difficulties conceiving. Excessive body fat produces more estrogen which interferes with ovulation, while thinner women may have irregular periods and ovulate less. On the other hand, a strenuous workout regime reduces ovulation windows and is often linked to menstrual disturbances. The bottom line here is: aim for a healthy weight and exercise in moderation. Why not join a local yoga class for beginners? Or get private yoga lessons that focus on mild stretches and fertility-enhancing poses?


8Switch to Conception-Friendly Feminine Products

Consider switching from conventional pads and tampons to more eco-friendly and non-toxic options which are sustainable for both our body and the environment! The still widespread, more classic options include toxic fragrances, plastics, pesticides and dioxin/chlorine. For a safe alternative, try out organic cotton products or a menstrual cup! You may be hesitant about fitting in a menstrual cup in your vagina, especially the first time around. Don’t shy away from giving it a try – it’s actually very comfortable and you can become a pro pretty quickly!


9Enjoy the Conception Journey

It’s a well-known fact that stress can reduce your chances of getting pregnant. Stress, anxiety and depression are found to be common among women visiting fertility clinics. In fact, as common as nearly one third. Being in a hurry to conceive can bring a great deal of enjoyable excitement in your daily life. But it can also lead to frustration if you push for immediate results by next Tuesday! If you have difficult time relaxing, find ways to keep things stress-free and enjoyable! Try out those recommended positions in bed not because “we are chasing results here”. But because of simply enjoying the playfulness, pleasure and intimacy of steamy, unprotected sex with your partner! You don’t need to rabbit-sex your way, day and night, through the six-day “fertile window”, which occurs pre- and during ovulation. Relax. Stay happy.

Remember, however easy or difficult it is for you to conceive, life retains its right to bring the miracle of parenthood into your life in unexpected ways. Also, you can always take the initiative for alternative roads, such as adoption or surrogate mother programs.

In any case, it will be a life-changing experience!


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