Cooking with kids

If there’s one thing I would totally let my kids enjoy, it would be cooking. The moment they ask me if I can teach them how to cook, I will feel like the most accomplished mom in the world. No kidding.

But, exaggeration aside, cooking is one of the best skills your kids can learn. Learning the art at an early age is even better. I remember cooking my first pancakes when I was four and I loved cooking ever since. By the age of 9, I can cook complex traditional dishes.

I didn’t see the benefits then except the compliments and praises I got which were very helpful to my self-esteem. When I was in the later years of my teenage years, I realized how valuable the skill I learned at such an early age. I didn’t have to depend on my mom to cook for me when I’m hungry, I’m able to use my skills to help in volunteer work and my palate was enhanced by tenfolds! The fact that guys found it impressive that I was a pretty mean cook was just an added bonus.

Anyway, if your kids are starting to show interest, feed and fuel it! There are plenty of recipes they can try that are fairly simple.

Here are our best bets!

1Mac and Cheese Bites

Kids love mac and cheese and as much as possible, we want them to enjoy it but not the ready made kind you buy from the store. Nothing against Kraft. Mac and cheese is pretty simple to make and your kids can make it at home under your supervision.

What’s even better? Making baked bite-sized ones! Check out the recipe here!

2Mini Lasagna Cups

Bite-size portions are perfect for kids. This is by far the simplest lasagna recipe I have ever tried and my nieces love it! I’ve made it for them once and the next few ones were made by them! I helped them with the jar opening and the oven prep. But, this recipe is so simple, they can do it on their own!

Grab the recipe here!

3Breakfast Toast Cups

Your kids will never think breakfast is boring after this. Apparently, food cups are a trend now and kids love it! Make breakfast extra fun on a Saturday by letting your kids assemble their own breakfast cup! Full easy recipe here.

4Pizza Wafflewich

All your kids need is a sandwich maker or a waffle press, sliced bread and pizza stuff such as pepperoni, marinara sauce and a whole lot of cheese. They’re going to feel so accomplished after this bit! After all, who can say no to pizza, right? ;)

Learn how to make it here.

5Pepperoni Cheese Stick Roll Ups

If your child has just started to feed his interest in cooking, it’s important to start small. Buying ready-to-cook ingredients may be not what you normally prefer, but it would be easier for your kids. It takes a lot of time and experience to make the perfect puff pastry, pizza crust or biscuit.

Let them have fun with ready-made ingredients first then when they’re more invested in the new passion, teach them how to make them from scratch.

6Bacon Pancake Dippers

Bacon, pancakes and eggs make up the perfect breakfast. And, this is a recipe your kids can so do! I made my first pancake when I was three so this won’t be too hard even for your toddlers. These bacon pancake dippers are basically long slender pancakes with a strip of bacon in the middle for a crunch.

If you have a great recipe for pancake from scratch, you can definitely use that. If not, you can find this recipe here!

7French Toast Roll-Ups

If you kids love breakfast food, this would be the perfect midday snack for them. It’s fairly easy to make so you can add cooking with kids to your day’s activity to keep them entertained. You can put Nutella, whipped cream, strawberries or other your other favorite breakfast topping!

Check out the video tutorial here!

8Camper’s Special

Camper style spaghetti-o’s perfect for your kids. It’s savory, kid approved and suitable to an adult’s taste buds. Cooking with kids can be difficult but this recipe is quite simple, your younger kids can do it with the help of your older ones.

Grab the sumptuous recipe here!

9Taco Sticks

Sticking to oven baked food when your child first tries to explore his cooking skills is a safe choice. There are fewer chances of getting burned because of oil splatters. So, start cooking with kids using the oven first. When they’re more stable and confident, you can move on to frying and teaching them knife skills.

Get this taco twist recipe here!

10Chicken Nugget Mashed Potato Bowl

A classic kiddie combination of mashed potatoes and chicken nuggets. Yes, they are store bought but it’s a good way to get your kids started. Also, you can make the mashed potatoes from scratch to challenge your kids! Find the recipe here.

11Tomato Avocado Melt

It’s never too early to teach your kids to eat healthy. You can start cooking with kids healthily, too. Start them young so they get the acquired taste for healthy things. Add something that they usually love, like cheese.

Try this recipe here.

12Pesto Salmon

This recipe is kid approved. After all, a nine-year-old made it. You’d be surprised, but some kids are born with sophisticated palates. They appreciate the finer flavors of herbs, spices and slightly more uncommon meat.

Try these with your kids here and see if they’ll like it!

13Breakfast Quesadillas

One thing I like about cooking with kids is that they’re pretty simple to please. I have tried cooking with kids several times and including cheese or sweets into the mix has never failed. Try this ham, egg and cheese quesadilla for example. My nieces loved making these!

Try this recipe with your youngins!

14Bread Bowls

Imagine the reaction on your child’s face the first time you serve him this and he thinks it’s just plain bread. Then the surprise when he sees what’s inside. He’s going to want to give this a try. It’s very doable so let him have a go at it!

Grab the eggy recipe here.

15Caramel Apple Crackle

This only take 10 minutes to prepare and another 10 to cook! It’s easy, sweet and your kids will love it! You can eat it as is or you can heat it up in the microwave and top it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Full recipe here!

16Strawberry Shortcake Surprise

Almost everything every kid loves in on dessert. Of course. they’d want to try making it on their own! Go ahead and let them! Find the recipe here!

17Snow Angels

If you happen to have an Angel Food Cake mix in your pantry, include this in your menu when you’re cooking with your kids. It takes less than hour to make and it will give your kids something to look forward to! They’ll be extra proud to find what they baked tastes as good as it looks!

Check out the recipe here!

Cooking with kids can be difficult yet incredibly fun.

One thing I would tell you, if they are interested, don’t even hesitate to teach them. Let them try what you think they can try at their age but don’t limit them! Just think of the little chefs in Man VS. Child. Chef Estie is my ultimate daughter goal.

It may seem like a daunting endeavor what with all the cutting and heat, but it’s an investment they will thank for one day. Knowing how to cook is definitely one of the most important skill a person can have. Starting them young means your kids are way ahead of many.

Happy cooking!


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