How to Tie Shoes for Kids – Top Hacks for Parents

How to tie shoes for kids may seem a difficult task, but we have found some hacks you can start using if you have a toddler at home. 

Every child is unique, special and of course, different. They need different things and develop their skills in different ways. Some children learn more easily, for example, how to count, how to recognize a watch, or how to tie shoes. 

For others, however, these skills might cost a little more effort and time. We will offer you several options for easy and quick ways to teach your little one to tie his shoes. 

When you start to teach your child to tie his shoes, you need to follow a few things:

  • be patient – no one is born a specialist and you have to show your kid  the easiest way to do it and be calm, not raise your voice in case of failure
  • praise your child for even the smallest progress he or she has made
  • do not force the child to learn on the first day. If it doesn’t happen today, it will happen tomorrow. For some children it is more convenient to get used to making different knots, for example with a jump rope. Then the technique can be applied to smaller ties.
How to Tie Shoes for Kids - Top Hacks for Parents

How To Tie Shoes for Kids Hacks

There are a wide variety of quality shoe stores where you can find shoe alternatives without laces.

Of course, they are a quick and easy solution, but they can also be a reason for the kid to refuse to learn how to tie his shoes, or to make this process longer.

That’s why it is important to find ways to motivate him. It is easy to guess this usually happens through fun games, and play.

Choose soft, easy-to-tie ties. Most children do better with wide and flatties in the beginning. You can try ties of different colors to make it easier for the child to see which link is going where.

Divide the process into small steps. Demonstrate each step first and then ask the child to repeat it.

This will make it easier to understand the process visually and remember the sequence.

Be patient. You will probably have to show each step many times or you will find that what you have learned is forgotten the next day and your child will need to explain and show again.

Be prepared to show a few different tying techniques until you find the one that works best for your kid. It will be more fun and interesting for the children if you find shoe ties with animals or cartoon characters.

How To Tie Shoes for Kids: Best Methods to Consider

Bunny Ears

One of the easiest and most understandable tie shoe methods for kids is rabbit ears:

  • First make a knot – the bunny’s head. 
  • Take one connection in each hand and make an “X”, then pierce one of the lace in the hole under the “X”. 
  • Pull the ends so that the knot is tight.
  • Fold the ends of the two ties and make rabbit ears.
  • Tie the ears so that they do not fall – cross them and make an “X” again. 
  • Pierce one ear into the hole under the “X” and pull the ears to tighten.


Another way to make shoe tying fun is to play the squirrel game:

  • Make an oak stem by crossing the shoe laces and tying them in a knot.
  • Take one lace in each hand and make an “X”, then you pierce one lace in the hole under the “X” and pull.
  • Take one tie and make a ribbon out of it (as you did the bunny’s ear).
  • With the other hand you take the other lace – this is the squirrel. 
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