5 Benefits Of Teaching Your Kids How To Swim At An Early Age

If there’s any sport that you should teach your child, it’s definitely swimming. This is the only sport that teaches your kid how to save their life, in case of emergencies in the water. As parents, it’s normal to always want to be there for your children. But let’s face it. Your kids aren’t going to be under your watchful eyes, 24/7. There may do activities with their friends that involve bodies of water, so you’ve got to have that confidence that they’ll stay safe.

If you haven’t already, it’s always a good idea to teach your kids the value of learning to swim so they stay safe in the water. That said, in this article, you’ll learn the many benefits that you can gain from teaching your kids to swim at an early age.

It’s Needed For Safety

First on this list is one of the most apparent reasons why you should teach your child how to swim. It’s for their own safety. There’s nothing that can protect your child more in the water than when they know what they can and can’t do. Drowning is one of the leading causes of accidents in the water both for children and adults, so by knowing that, you’ll want to keep your children protected.

Having swimming lessons can increase your child’s confidence in the water. This can minimize panic and untoward accidents that may unfortunately be fatal.

It Opens Your Child To Other Sports

If you’ve got kids who love to do water sports, then teaching them how to swim is an absolute must. There’s no way for them to be able to enjoy the water when they don’t even know how to stay safe in it.

Plus, many of these sports require your child to know how to swim beforehand. Common examples of these sports and water activities include

  • kayaking,
  • triathlon,
  • canoeing,
  • surfing,
  • scuba diving, and many more.

It’s a terrible idea for you to give in to your child’s desire to surf when you know they don’t even know how to swim. The risk would be too high.

It Saves Lives

As known by many, swimming lessons also saves lives. This doesn’t just refer to your child’s life, but even of those around them in the swimming pool or any body of water. When you teach them how to swim in their early years, they gain confidence at a young age to not be afraid of the water.

So when your kids are in the water, not only are you confident that they can handle themselves but also that they can possibly help out those who may be having trouble with floating or swimming. Learning how to swim is often the difference between life and death.

It’s Good Exercise

Children need to keep active in their growing-up years. Among other physical activities that your children can do, one of the best ways of keeping active is through regular exercise. Swimming is a good low-impact sport that’s also a form of exercise.

The good thing about swimming as an exercise is that you won’t even have to force your children to do it. Let’s say for instance that your kids are enrolled in swimming classes thrice a week. That means they can get physical exercise three times a week. This is good for their health, especially if you’ve got a child who also needs to lose weight.

It’s A Skill For Life

Children are like sponges. When their minds are young and fresh, they’re able to absorb information faster and better than adults do. So you need to take advantage of this by leaving them with the skills they need for life. One of these skills is swimming.

Once they learn how to swim, they carry this with them forever. Even when they grow old and have children of their own, they’ll be able to have fun with their own families, as they know how to stay safe in the water. Swimming is something your kids won’t forget how to do when they’ve already mastered this skill at a young age.


If you’re gearing up for some fun water activities, then it’s definitely a good idea to send your children to a swimming class. Before letting your child jump right into the water, these classes can give you so much added peace of mind when you know your kids know how to handle themselves. While this doesn’t mean that you can already forego watching over them, it still gives you that added assurance of safety when you know that your kids can handle themselves in the water. Now you can make water activities less stressful and more fun for your family.

Julie Higgins
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