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If you want to bring your creative fruits and veggie art to the next level, get inspired by this amazing carved food art from the best kitchen artists worldwide. Making it your mission to feed your child with the daily recommended servings of fruit and veg is often exactly this – a mission! In fact, you know it very well from your own experience. It’s one thing to serve your kid a bunch of tomato slices as a side. And a wholly different affair to present a plate with a garnish of tomato roses or a bunny carved into a carrot. Making their breakfast smile is worth it.

Stunning Fruit & Vegetable Carving

A Little Bit of Background

Fruit and veggie carving is a very common, centuries-old technique for garnishing. Historically originating from 13th-century Ancient China, 14th-century Siam (today, Thailand) along with banana stalk carving, or 15th-century Japan (known as mukimono), the techniques were picked up by European restaurateurs in mid 20th century. Nowadays, edible arrangements are an art form in their own right and the resultant wow factor certainly exceeds the labor investment.

At home, you can start with something simple and easy, i.e. bananas and apples. They are both cheap, small and easy to fairly easy to work on. Also, there are plenty of easy food carving tutorials on YouTube that will help you make your child’s breakfast plate or lunchbox extra fun and attractive. For the simplest creations, you don’t even need a special set of tools and knives. Often, you can start with what you already have in your kitchen – standard paring and grapefruit knives. Alternatively, there are also classes at local studios and abroad. For instance, if you’re on a family vacation in Thailand, you’ll find plenty of traditional fruit carving classes on offer.

A New Realm of Edible Creations

When it comes to the greatest food carving artists, however, there is a whole new realm of edible creations to explore. From large-scale edible flower and animal sculptures to beautiful intricate patterns and traditional motifs carved on giant pumpkins and watermelons. Or, tiny peanut sculptures and floral patterns, you name it! These intricate carvings are usually created within just minutes, since the quick oxidization of the fruit or veggie starts to discolor the artwork soon after the peel has been removed. Check out these stunning fruit and veggie creations below from top artists and studios and get inspired!

1Pumpkin Carving

2Coconut Parrots

3Avocado Florals

4Watermelon Lion

5Honey Melon Florals

6Pumpkin Rooster

7Broccoli Sacred Geometry

8Carved Apple Geometry

9Muskmelon Flower

10Carrot Flowers

11Watermelon Tropics

12Floral Cantaloupe

13Pumpkin Goat

14Watermelon Dragon

15360-Degree Florals

16A Garden of Edible Plant Sculptures

17Cantaloupe Mermaid Scenes

18Descending Eagle

19Majestic Peacock

20Lush Flowers

21Dragon in Progress

22Gourd Pot

23Pumpkin Flowers

24Pisa Tower

25Peacock Couple

26Carved Cake

27Carrot Bird

28Eagle Head

29Squirrel Gourd

30Apple Art

31Carved Apple Roses

32Watermelon Rose

33Egg Carving

34Peanut Sculptures

Here’s an amazing compilation of stunning food art for 2019.

Stay tuned for more!


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