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Re-discover your inner child with some fascinating fruit and vegetable art ideas here. If you are seeking a more creative way to present some wholesome vegetables to your child, getting creative with fresh farmer’s market produce is a neat way to keep your little one engaged with their plate. It’s also a way to show your kids that their mom was once a child too!

From carving and painting to cutting, slicing and grating, the arrangement of a cute animal art plate or a stand-alone fruit piece may involve various techniques. Moreover, it will certainly take more time to prepare than a regular salad or a bowl of sliced fruits. However, bringing a smile to your child’s face and delivering a morning of anticipation and surprise is certainly worth it! It is a brilliant way to teach your kids new appreciation for vitamin-packed foods! Also, feel free to experiment and create your own unique twist on the suggestions below. Enjoy!

1Strawberry Roses

2Banana Giraffes

3Orange Chick

4Multi-Fruit Hummingbird

5Frog Bus

6Pineapple Hedgehog

7Partridge in a Pear Tree

8Onion Mouse

We don’t expect your kiddo to bite into this one, but it would be a nice stand-alone piece next to a steaming onion soup!

9Banana Dolphin

10Feasting Dolphin

11Watermelon Drops Basket

12Kiwi Koala

13Olive Penguins

14Cucumber and Carrot Dragon

15Whole Orange Chicks

Some of these suggestions are just great for a kids party!

16Green, Fruity Owl

17An Even Fruitier Owl

18Frog Melon Bowl

19Fruit Peacock

20Minion Bananas

Ready to go into a kid’s backpack or serve at a themed minion party.

21Watermelon Pizza

22Orange Tiger

23Lettuce Puppy

24Pineapple Crocodile

25Apple Hummingbird

26Watermelon Shoes

27Pineapple Bird

28Carved Apples

Fruit and veggie carving can be taken to a whole new work-of-art level…

29Cauliflower Poodle

30Onion Owl

31Fruit Art Toco Toucan

32Fruit Forrest

33Carrot Garfield

34Fruit Mermaids

35Carrot, Radish & Dried Prune Richard Parker

36Blackberry Girl

37Blackberry Cow Plate

38Blueberry Hedgehog


39Vege Boat

40Fruit Art Bambie Plate

41Banana & Pancake Smurf

Creating pancake art for your kids can be so much fun, especially if you bring their favorite cartoon characters to life!

42Eggplant Ballerina Shoes

Eggplant is not the necessarily widely beloved, so a little bit of extra imagination could potentially go a long way here!

43Donald Duck Smoothie

Who is the cutest little squawker?

Stay tuned for more amazing ideas!



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