70+ Awesome Birthday Theme Ideas for your Toddler


So, a birthday is coming up, and you’re asking yourself, “What am I gonna do this year?” Are you stumped trying to figure out what birthday theme would make your kid’s party extra special this year? For one thing, maybe you have gone through your entire birthday theme arsenal the past years and don’t want to repeat the same ones.

Well, we’re just about to load up your arsenal again. More importantly, this time, we’re making sure you don’t run out of birthday theme ideas until your child reaches her teenage years. Get your pen and paper out because you’re about to get loaded on ideas you would not have conjured up without research.

1Rapunzel Party

Princess themes are always adored by little girls. A ‘Tangled’ inspired party will make her the star of the day and feel special until your outdo yourself next year!

2Flamingo Pop

As much as this theme is for bridal showers, change up a few elements and it will be perfect for your little gal’s pink party!

3Hot Air Balloon

Is your head up in the clouds? We mean that in a good way. Either way, hot air balloon themed birthday is quaint yet adventurous.

4Enchanted Forest

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves are not going to come out but why not go the extra mile? Hire some people or have your friends dress up as dwarves to complete the enchanted forest feel!

5Snow Princess Party

Usually, it is an insult to call someone an ice queen. But who cares? If you want your little girl to feel like an ice princess on her special day, then wear your crown proud!

6Wild & Free

Take a walk on the wild side and embrace the cuteness nature can bring in a wild animal party!

7Royal Party

Indeed, such is a setup fit for royalty. I won’t mind inviting the Queen of England in this party if you ask me.

8Snow White Party

Candy apples and lots of colors make up for a perfect Disney themed birthday party!

9Mossy Garden Party

Didn’t think moss would look great in a setup, right? I didn’t either!


Seeing that kids love bubbles, it would be brilliant to add a bubble circus act or a bubble machine to the party.

11Tea for Two

Little girls love tea parties, right? So, why not make go all out and throw the best tea party of her life?


If not for anything else, your kids will love the bright colors of this birthday theme!

13Animal Party

Bring the animal kingdom right in your house. Your boy will love it for sure!

14Candy Land

Come on; it’s just once a year. Let the sugar rush take over once in a while. :)


I am blown away by how intricate parties can be. In other words, this is absolutely beautiful.


As long as you don’t forget to get grass skirts, you’ll have a raving luau in your backyard!

17Finding Dory

Finding Dory was a hit. So, I think it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have a Dory themed birthday if you ask me.

18The Little Man Party

Who says you have to wait til their 21 to throw them a perfectly innocent “The Man” party?

19Princess Party

Basic yet one cannot go wrong taking the princess road.


Hire an Elsa and Anna looking actor complete with costumes and you will be your daughter’s hero!


Go for monochrome sophistication once a while. Anyway, black and white are classic!

22Watermelon Party

Love the colors. Love the brightness. Love every bit of this!

23Peppa Pig

Get ready for lots of squealing girls and boys!


Take you toddler on a one of a kind journey on his birthday!

25Star Wars

The force is strong in this one!

26Garden Party

As much as adults love garden parties, this would be perfect to make sure all age groups have fun!

27Bug Birthday

Just make sure your kids don’t put actual bugs in their food for fun!

28Alice in Wonderland

Dress up as Alice or the Hatter to add the cherry on top!

29Angry Birds

Add an actual Angry Birds game in your program and it will be awesome!

30Twinkle Twinkle

Show your little rockstar how to have fun and reach for the stars!

31Lego Party

Every boy’s ultimate dream!

32Gone Fishing


Rustic and very outdoorsy!

33Space Party

An imaginary trip outer space doesn’t sound bad, does it?

34Pirates &  Mermaids

Satisfy both of your twins’ fantasy this year!

35Minnie Winterland

What kid wouldn’t enjoy a Minnie Mouse dessert buffet?

36Bunny Party

How convenient is this idea if your kid’s party is on Easter, right?

37Art Party

Calling the inner artist! Overall, 100% creative!


The fact that I have never met a girl who’s never dreamed of becoming a fairy in her younger days makes this birthday theme a classic!

39Beach Ball Party

Not only is a beach theme party insanely awesome but actually having it near the ocean makes it even more awesome!


Yup, can’t get any more perfect with this. In other words, you can’t go wrong with a Cinderella party.


Usually, boys wouldn’t care for themes. But, throw them a monster party with slime and goo? They’ll think you’re the coolest person on earth.


Rent a vintage popcorn cart to complete the feel!

43Tribal Party

Dress up in Pocahontas or Native american costumes! It will be fun!


Anchor’s away and sail to the best party ever!

45Red & White Minnie Party


As mentioned, everybody loves Minnie!

46Milk & Cookie


How cool would it be if Cookie Monster showed up, right?

47Rainbow Unicorns

Very girly and feminine. Your little girl will seriously freak over the unicorns!

48All on Board

All aboard for the best day of the year!

49Arabian Nights

Incidentally, a set up like this would be too intricate. But it’s just so pretty!



Hand out tutus and have a grand dance party!

51Construction Site

A macho party for your macho boy! In that case, include a visit to Diggerland if possible!


In hopes that your child will enjoy, go crazy with the colorful balloons! It’ll be great!

53Boho Forest

In case your daughter isn’t the girly type, something rustic yet elegant might be her best fit.

54Winter Wonderland

There’s something about girls and shiny things. I mean, girls and glitters are practically synonymous!

55Space Party

Plain and simple yet totally awesome, right?

56Dr. Seuss Party

Oh, the places you will go. Indeed, Dr. Seuss is the father of all imaginations!

57Unicorn Party

Another synonym to girls and glitters? Unicorns!

58Woodland Party

The fact that this birthday theme is unisex makes me even love it more!

59Sweet Strawberry

So, pink is the new black, right?

60Sleepover Party

Have all your guests dress up in pajamas!

61Sparkles & Tutus

As I have said, glitters and girls go together so well. And if you add the tutus? There’s nothing girlier than that! :)


A kid must never grow up without at least one safari themed party in his childhood!


Southern favorite and still a favorite!

64Ice Cream Shop

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

65Gold Safari

At any rate, gold is definitely an epitome of elegance and chicness!

66Cupcake Party

I love sweets. Kids love sweets. Cupcakes are sweet. To put it briefly, cupcakes make a sweet party!

67Curious George

In case you’re wondering, kids love the Curious George. ;)

68Glitter Party

Want a disco party? In that case, this setup and songs like “I Will Survive” on loop are what you need to make it happen!

69Camping Party

It seems like all this lacks is a tent and a campfire!

70Rustic Woodland

In all honesty, I am getting major love feels for this birthday theme. How about you?

71Hello Kitty

Not only is Hello Kitty lovable but she makes a perfect theme as well!


Get your boy his favorite superhero costume and have a blast!

73Whimsical Floral Party

I might just do this for my own party!

74Owl Party

Hoot Hoot Owls have been famous recently. Not to mention, they are super cute!

So, now your arsenal is loaded with awesome birthday theme ideas!

Considering that party planning can be stressful, just keep in mind why you’re doing this. Just have fun with it and think about how much fun your kid is going to have! Likewise, don’t think you have to do everything on your own. Have your friends or neighbors help you. You’re likely to find it fun!

So what are you waiting for? Get planning!

While you’re here, let us know in comments which one of the themes you liked the most!



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