10 Clothing Hacks That Will Save You Money

Clothing hacks are everywhere in the internet world. There are clothing hacks for corporate women, pregnant women, men who are losing weight and men who are bulking up. Hacks such as these are designed to make life easier and more convenient. Although not entirely money saving, extending the life of your clothes will potentially save you a bit of your finances.

While most of you would doubt this, there are women who are not fans of shopping for new clothes. I raise my hand at this point. I absolutely try to avoid shopping as often as I can.

Don’t get me wrong. I have a good fashion sense. But, instead of buying new clothes, I use simple hacks to make them look like something I’ve never had in my wardrobe.

So, if you’re up to saving some bucks, check this list out.

Clothing Hacks to Save You Money

Make ‘Em Fit

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One of the main reasons why we buy new clothes is because they no longer fit us anymore. And, why should we try to make them fit? Because it saves us money.

Now, this hack is not meant for all kinds of clothing but this is by far one of the best clothing hacks I’ve come across. Make your jeans fit you again by opening the waistband of your jeans.

Since you might not get it right on the first try, it’s good that you can just remove the stitches and try again. This clothing hack will give you another 2 inches or so and will save you some money of buying new jeans. Learn how to extend your jeans here.

Learn How to Wash ‘Em Properly

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Incidentally, it would be a shame to replace your favorite blouse or trousers because of bleach splatters during washing or another color bleeding into your whites. However, this could be easily avoided by following the proper way to care for fabric.

Also, avoid wear and tear of delicate fabrics by grouping them to appropriate groups. For example, never mix silk with denim because the rough denim will ruin the soft silk. Simple things such as color and texture coordination can help you save money.

Cut-off Shorts

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Honestly, before I put this hack to use, shorts are the most expensive pieces in my wardrobe. Who would have thought such little fabric can cost so much? Well, they do.

Save a bit of your money by recycling old jeans that you no longer wear. For instance, if you have a straight cut or a bootleg cut pair of jeans that you no longer wear because it’s out of trend, cut the legs off to turn it into a pair of cut-off shorts.

Want perfect cut-off denim shorts? Check this out.

Fix Shoe Holes

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Shoes are one of the most expensive items in our wardrobes. It’d be a shame to just throw them away because of a hole. If your shoes have rubber soles, you can use a bike repair kit to cover it up. It rubber after all.

Other holes can also be patched. For example, your Toms can be revived with a simple patch sewn on top of the hole. It not only fixes the “holey” problem but adds character to your style as well.

Break In Tight Shoes

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For instance, you buy shoes that are a tad too small for your feet but they were the last pair and you just had to have them? What do you do? You break them in.

Now, this won’t work if you can’t put your feet in at all.

All you need are socks and a hair dryer. Simply put on the socks, wear your shoes and apply some heat. Once you can completely feel the heat, turn the dryer off and let your feet cool down. The heat will make the material conform to the shape and size of your feet while cooling it down will keep the new shape solid.

Rotate your Closet

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You know how you have a stack of clothes in your closet but only take from the rows that are in the front? Yup, you probably forgot that you have more stacks in the back and have great pieces in there. Then, you complain about not having enough clothes.

Rotate your closet every month or two. The back row will be in the front or rotate one stack at a time. This wil help you find some of the great pieces you’ve forgotten about and see how you can mix and match.

Don’t Buy Printed Leggings

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Eventually, prints go out of style. Remember how the comic strip shirts became cool in the 80s and died down in the 90s? Or how tie-dyed pants became a thing of the past after Y2K hit? Yes, prints go out of style and there’s only so much you can pair them with.

People will notice how many times you wear the same printed leggings in a week which means you have to plan out your outfit ahead of time to make sure you don’t wear them too often. Either that or you buy other prints which means spending more money.

Unlike when you wear plain colored ones, people will just think you’re the type of chick who has an arsenal of black leggings.

Two Outfit Rule

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If you buy a piece of clothing, make sure you have more than one piece in your closet that you can pair it with. Simple as that. Always ask yourself, “What do I already have that would look good with this?”

It is unreasonable to buy a complete set of outfit and never be able to wear it again. Buying a piece of clothing you can wear 2-5 more ways is wise.

Swap Party

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If you want to get rid of your old clothes but don’t want to spend buying new ones, hold a swap party with your friends! What’s a swap party? A swap party is a group of your friends ready to swap some of their items with you.

Just have a pile ready and swap items with your gal pals. It would be advisable that you swap with pals who have the same or similar built as you.

Leave Your Credit Card at Home

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For instance, you know you’re going to do some clothes shopping and you’ve set a budget, what do you do? You stick to that budget. And, leave your credit cards at home. As much as possible, pay in cash because credit cards have interest rates. Do not bring extra cash. Just make sure you have your set budget, food budget and transportation budget if needed.

So, what do you think of these clothing hacks? Have you tried any of them?

Personally, I do most of these hacks except the shoe hole fix and the swap party. Unfortunately, I’m a heavy set woman and I don’t have that much friends whom I can swap clothes with. But, either way, most of these hacks are working for me.

Another tip, which most of you are probably aware of, is to shop at thrift stores. I have found so many great items for cheap in thrift stores. And, if you ask me, I’d prefer shopping in thrift stores than any mall. Just remember, fashion doesn’t have anything to do with the price tag or the brand. It’s all about expressing yourself, being confident and having fun with your choices.

So, with that, happy shopping! Got any more clothing hacks you’d like to share? Holler with a comment below!

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