Maternity Photoshoot

So, you may not think that your baby bump is the least flattering part of your body right now. Also, I bet that a maternity photo shoot is the last thing you’d want to do right now.

But, don’t let that get the best of you. I’m sure you were informed, or have common knowledge to the least, that being pregnant means being hormonal. There would be days or nights when you just want to sit and cry out of disgust by how much you’ve gained. In addition, many of the moms-to-be I know are Pinterest junkies which mean they have probably looked up or seen maternity photo shoots. You probably have as well and are most likely thinking how much money they had to spend for professional photo shoots.

It doesn’t have to be expensive actually. You just have to have the right concept and can even shoot them yourselves! Now, let’s not be cliche with the heart shaped palms on belly kind of concept. Here are our top favorites to help you get inspired!

1Perfect Equation

maternity photo shoot

Quirky, simple and unisex. How awesome is this idea, huh?

2Shadow Show

maternity photo shoot

As it was said, you can do some of these maternity photo shoot ideas on your own. A DSLR camera or even your iPhone cam would do the trick!

3Silly Couple

maternity photo shoot

If your husband is the funny guy, this maternity photo shoot inspiration will be perfect for you. If you’re both into humor then you can expect an even better result!

4Save the Due Date

maternity photo shoot

Although this concept is more of an announcement, you can still use the same concept to give to your families and friends. Some moms-to-be send one every trimester to give updates.

5Under My Umbrella

maternity photo shoot

Take silhouette to another level! This is just romantic and heartfelt!

6First Comes Love…

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Yet another announcement concept but you’ve gotta admit, this is very nice.

7Show Off Your Sonogram

Simple as that. No need for any other elements. For sure, you can do this on your own! :)

8Little Chair

This reminds me of Papa Bear, Mama Bear and incoming Baby Bear. All we need is the porridge and it would be complete!


9Sibling Hugs

maternity photo shoot

Single moms, there would be nothing more perfect for your than this kind of intimate photo with your babies.  Indeed, just absolutely precious.

10Daddy’s Baby Bump

maternity photo shoot

Is daddy jealous of your baby bump? A watermelon would do!

11Pumpkin Bump

maternity photo shoot

In the same way, a pumpkin would also work as daddy’s baby bump especially this fall!

12Before & After

maternity photo shoot

Before and after photos are not only for weight loss or renovation use. If it’s for the sake of transformation, this is one of the most significant transformations I would say!

13Pregnancy Signs

maternity photo shoot

Seriously, this is so simple yet so creative! Bump ahead!

14More Laundry Coming!

maternity photo shoot

Oh, yes. It can’t hit any closer to home with this shot! Get ready to do more laundry when the bun is out of the oven!

15Another Pair

maternity photo shoot

Those red baby Toms are so cute! And yes, such a great concept for a casual maternity photo shoot!

16Sunset by the Beach

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Beach bum moms would love this! I’m a beach bum so this is my favorite out of this list!

17Up Hill Journey

This cotton candy sky was so perfect during Katie’s maternity shoot! Want to see more? {blog link in bio}

A photo posted by Randi Michelle (@randimichellephotography) on

I wouldn’t mind being a little more adventurous and taking a shot near a cliff. Actually, I don’t even think this was taken near a cliff. This is just a really well-angled shot in my opinion! Still, love!

18Flows in the Wind

I am in love with her dress! I mean, look at how flowy and elegant it looks!

19Tub Shot


I don’t know about you but this concept is so sexy and sweet at the same time!

20One with Nature

Sunset in the forest? Yes, please!

So there you have it moms and dads to be! Did you find the perfect concept for your maternity photo shoot?

One tip: have fun! Pictures look best when they show fun and love. Think about how excited you both are to see your baby and the right smiles and look would naturally come out.

Take advantage of that pregnancy glow women are so envious about! All in all, just go out there, have some fun and shoot whatever is most comfortable for you!