Parenting with Technology and Science – How Everything Changed

It is quite a challenge to play the mom role these days.

One search on the Internet and there will be thousands of entries with their own sets of advice and examples of good parenting. Instead of making parenting an easier job, the online voices are most likely confusing us.

This is just one of the side effects of being a parent connected to the online world.

However, we shouldn’t see the abundance in technological innovations as a threat to the quality of childhood. Scientists create such breakthroughs to facilitate a better lifestyle.

Indeed, any product can lead to negative effects if children use them excessively or in the wrong way. However, once the child receives the proper education for these gadgets, the parenting is ready to face amazing improvements.

The Side Effects of Technology

The Kaiser Family Foundation carried research of 2,002 children between 8 and 18 years old, and the findings are a little overwhelming. Today, children are spending approximately seven hours on entertainment media a day.

However, parents can inspire good habits within the family, and educate their children on the restricted use of technology from an early age. Technology is a too valuable part of the children’s future to be completely banned from home.

So, parents can work with their kids to develop together healthy media habits. It is recommended for toddlers to enjoy two sessions per day of screen time. It is not healthy for kids to spend more than two or three hours a day in front of the computer. Moreover, parents should decide daily computer access for their kids. If the children know they can access the Internet only at a given time, they will spend the rest of the day thinking about what topics to inquire about which will develop their analytical thinking.

Moreover, the Internet shouldn’t be seen as a taboo subject. Parents should communicate with their kids about the value of the Internet, what it was like before the Internet, what the benefits are. Most importantly, parents should make sure they make the kids understand that Google is not a sure source of information, and they should use their critical thinking before believing a certain fact read online.

Teaching kids should always be followed by the power of example. If the parents say that something is bad even though they usually do it, the children will not learn anything.

So, parents should restrict themselves from the use of technology, and come up with family traditions to form closer bonds. Instead of listening to music, why not learn to play the guitar or the piano? Instead of reading about astronomy, why not buy a kids telescope? Instead of talking about wild animals, why not go into a forest or to the zoo?

Gadgets for Moms

So, it is time to embrace all the beautiful benefits of technology that make our life easier. There are many gadgets that can prove to be lifesavers at certain moments, and the following are just a few fundamental ones.

Video Baby Monitor

Today’s society leave us room to experience fulfilling professional careers and the wonders of motherhood at the same time. Even though you are not at your job, but in the next room, the kids always find magical ways to sabotage an entire chamber within seconds.

This is why it is important to watch our kids all the time, and video monitors empower us to be ubiquitous.

Pocket Nanny

Taking care of a baby is never easy, and any kind of help is really appreciated.

Parents should always be aware of when exactly they changed the diaper or the last time they fed the baby, and the proper time to administrate medication.

However, a pocket nanny can remember all these requirements. All parents have to do is set the timing for each of these baby-care activities, and the digital nanny will notify them when the time comes.


Communication, calendar, useful apps, alarm, games, and the list of benefits can go on and on. Plus, there are many moments of joy that a child can spark up any moment within the family, and you sure want to keep them forever.

Carry your smartphone everywhere your kids go, and you’ll be prepared to capture the first step or first “Mamma!” in a picture or video. All these while keeping in touch with your friends and colleagues.

First Aid 

This is an official Red Cross application that advice you what to do when minor accidents happen. And as the kids are always in search of their new tiny adventure, it is always a good move to take safety measures.

A Tablet

Especially when traveling, a child gets easily bored, and they don’t hesitate to make sure that everyone knows about their bad mood. This can be cute, but parents can’t be happy when the kids are not happy.

So, when the other noisy toys stop working in the distracted eyes of kids, a little entertainment with a funny video have never hurt anybody.

Programmable Robots

These robots are really worth the investment for their lifelong effects.

They teach children problem-solving skills while keeping them entertained at the same time. They basically use music, animation, and stories to teach even basic concepts of computer science. These skills will be of invaluable use throughout the entire life of your little human.

The Evolution We Already Live In

Our world has gone through an incredible technological and scientific boom during the last 30 years. The discoveries helped us erase time and space boundaries, improve our lifestyle, streamline our precious time, do more things at the same time, connect with people all over the world and so on.

Also, all the daily signs from the tech world indicate that the future home will look more like a tech lab. The technology will go to such great lengths, that our bodies will receive nanorobots to perform all of today’s smart functions and more.

No matter how absurd the future can look like, one thing is for certain. We will need extensive knowledge of technology in order to adapt to the upcoming times. And people learn how to adapt to a certain kind of society at an early age. Children usually learn or two languages, social skills, how to differentiate good from bad deeds, basic survival skills, like running, eating, drinking. However, childhood is also a time to experience the world through games.

Every generation has a different set of skills to get accustomed to at an early age that change according to the development of society. The main language that kids will come to learn together with their native language will be the one that speaks to the computers, namely programming.

It doesn’t mean that the kids will become soulless and disconnected from their idyllic happiness of childhood. There are already fun gadgets that teach kids how to create a program through gamification techniques that respect the quality of childhood.

Our mission as parents is to create a safe environment for our children, teach them moral lessons, and also prepare them for the outside world. Technology is already a part of our daily life, and our kids should be accustomed to it.

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