7 Fun Ways To Celebrate Kids Birthdays

Kids can be extremely difficult to understand sometimes, and celebrating their birthdays exactly the way they want to can be even more difficult! Luckily though, Sydney is a city that never disappoints, with its wide variety of celebratory props and kids party entertainers!

In today’s world, Google will offer you a huge range of websites, venues, and other essentials to make every birthday party a memorable one. Here is a list of seven fun ways to spice up the usual birthday bash of your kids. So, let’s dig in!

7 Fun Ways To Celebrate Kids Birthdays

1. Theme Party at Home

Let’s be real, kids love nothing more than a themed party, whether it is a Spiderman-themed birthday party or a Disney princess one. But, going out to buy party supplies of good quality during a pandemic is definitely not easy, so simply look up online and you’re good to go!

From cakes to candles, balloons to banners, there are several websites that will take care of all your needs. You can also explore birthday party themes for your little ones, starting from Pokemon to Panda and Ballerinas to Monsters!

2. VR Escape Rooms

Virtual reality is now the hottest trend among children and adults alike, so why not use it for your kids’ birthday too? Intermission Sydney at Kent Street offers a never-seen-before virtual reality escape room to test your kids’ communication and problem-solving skills.

A team of certain players put on their VR headsets and off they go, working together and completing their mission in a one-hour time span. There are complimentary refreshments too, and the charges are minimal!

3. Cruise

Sounds extravagant but this is truly a breathtaking experience! All Occasion Cruises at Bank Street will give you the feel of Australia like nothing else in a grand cruise ship.

It provides an excellent layout plan for both standing and seated arrangements, including the options for a theatre, boardroom, and dining. Style the deck up the way you want to, and let the sea air work its magic on everyone!

4. Under The Sea

Having a marine-themed birthday is one thing, but to actually celebrate your baby’s birthday underwater is truly something else!

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium takes care of your children’s birthday party by providing a wonderful array of snacks and other party essentials. If your kid loves the world under the sea, why not opt for this idea?

5. Picnic

Simple yet fun, a picnic is just the way to go when your kid wants a little bit of peace and quiet. Sydney is littered with parks and open fields, so pack up your picnic baskets, make some mouthwatering treats and a cake, and set off for a lovely, quiet afternoon under the sky!

You may even spice up the picnic by taking your kid for a tour of bird-watching or leaf-collecting.

6. Zoo

For the animal-loving kids that have the spirit of Indiana Jones in them, a fun day at the zoo would be the best.

The Wild Life Sydney Zoo takes your kids and everyone else for a trip to say hello to some amazing animals! For a little extra, your little one can even pet an animal and keep it in the zoo.

7. Creative Afternoons

Does your kid love to paint or draw? Why not take them to the Little Plaster House where they’ll learn how to paint plaster and choose from themes like unicorns and superheroes?

An artistic afternoon for your little Picasso would most definitely cheer them up, so gift them a day full of fun and cheer, complete with brush strokes and smudgy hands!

Over to you…

Birthdays are surely an event to remember, and making it special for your kids will give you happiness like no other. Be sure to book some of these places well in advance, especially if your kid is born in September.

According to ABC News, 17th September takes the cake (literally) for having the most common birth date of children, with 8,862 births over 10 years!

Simply search on the net for these websites and places, book them, arrange the catering and party guest list, and watch as your kid’s birthday turns into a mini-carnival!

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