How to Save Money with Heating this Winter

Central heating systems can be classified into three major categories. All of them share the same function, which is to produce heat. However, all of them feature different characteristics and complexities.

Therefore, it is important to know what suits your home because one boiler cannot cater to different places.

Below are the three major types of central heating systems and how they can suit your household.

How to Save Money with Heating this Winter

Different Central Heating Systems and How They Work

Pressurised Systems

In pressurized systems, water is directly heated through a cylinder, which acts as storage. You can place it anywhere in your house. Although they tend to be expensive, pressurized systems are highly effective when heating.

Pressurized systems usually need a high level of pressure to work properly. However, the amount of pressure used during heating is the same as the original pressure level so you can use it multiple times at the same time without worrying about inconsistent water pressure. This makes it very popular with consumers.

Combi Boiler Systems

A Combi boiler system is a modern approach to the classic boiler heating system. Combi boilers are not only systematic but are also energy-efficient. You won’t need to worry about wasting heating water as the pressure remains the same when or not heating.

A big advantage of combi boilers is the lack of need for storage. Unlike other boilers that need bulky water storage, combi boilers don’t need them as the water directly flows from its origin.

However, there is also a disadvantage which is that it is modern. Modern appliances are manufactured electronically, so repairs and maintenance can be hard. Also, the system may fall apart if one part is damaged.

Conventional Heating Systems

This is the most common type of central heating system on Earth. It uses gravity as a tool for the whole system. They place the storage tank at a higher elevation, then heat and store water there.

The gravity will pull the water downwards making its natural pressure. Although this heating system is common to households, this system is slowly fading in the modern world.

That’s because of two reasons: (a) pressure is limited and cannot be adjusted; (b) it wastes too much energy just to heat. However, people who are accustomed to it still buy them.

Today, this heating system is commonly found in older homes.

Common Boiler Types

Boilers come in different types with different functions. Look through the list of boilers below:

  • Regular boiler –  simple boiler that can only heat water
  • Combi boiler – compact boiler that is easy to install and energy-efficient.
  • Back boiler – outdated boiler and are very inefficient
  • System boiler – almost the same as combi boiler; however, it uses an extra storage tank
  • Gas boiler – very efficient boilers that rely on gas as the main pressure
  • Electric boiler – very accessible as it can be done with digital interference.

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Nowadays, people either use gas boilers or electric boilers. Since the times have changed and now we are in the digital era, many prefer the electric boiler. Still, some prefer gas boilers. Either way, your choice will depend on many factors.

Make sure to consider every possible thing before actually purchasing or installing a new central heating system.

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