13+ Fun Birthday Cakes for Kids: Delicious & Spectacular at the Same Time

With the trends right now, Minecraft, Frozen, or Sophia the First themed fun birthday cakes are already too mainstream.

Trying to come up with fresh ideas for the next celebration and birthday cakes is one of the most important parts of planning a birthday party. Sometimes you’d find yourself saying, “Wait, I did this last year!” or “This is similar to what the boy next door had.”

This is one of the reasons why I admire professional cake bakers so much. A lot of times, people who order birthday cakes leave it up to the baker to come up with a design that would suit the celebrant’s personality.

I tell you, it’s not an easy feat.

But just in case one of your little ones has a birthday coming up and you still have not figured out what kind of cake to get, we have compiled a few creative ideas to try and impress for the birthday celebration.

Picking the Perfect Cake for Kids

If you ask your kids what cake they want, they would most likely describe a list of flavors and ingredients they want to have included. If they are currently binging on some cartoons, they might ask you to build a cake in the shape of Shrek’s house, complete with the pond and animals.

Before you get yourself more work than you can handle, the best way to hit all marks for the birthday celebration is to do a shortlist of cakes you feel confident you can bake, and a recipe you can master easily, and let your little one pick from those. You can also use a cake mix if you want to save some time, and most decorations can be also ordered online. Easy peasy.

If you want to take the easy route out, simply take the picture of your idea to the nearest bakery and let them do the magic. And no, you don’t have to tell anyone at the party =)

Best Birthday Cakes for Kids: Your Inspiration

Here are our top pics for fun birthday cakes to celebrate the very special day with! If you need more ideas for planning the perfect birthday party or more birthday cake ideas, check our Pinterest board here!

1. Surf’s Up, Dude!

Blue has always been a relaxing color despite the implications if one feels blue.

Your beach bum kid will love this idea for sure. Even more, if you include his favorite cartoon character in the mix! All it’s missing is a little coconut rolling down the hill from the palm tree. Cuteness overload.

Fun Birthday Cakes

2. Monkey Cake

For your chocoholic celebrant, make the usual, dull chocolate cake into something different.

The chocolate doughnut ears, the chocolate-covered Oreos for eyes, and the chocolate sprinkled hair will surely be the highlight of your chocolate fan’s birthday. Chocolate frosting has never looked this cute.

Fun Birthday Cakes

3. Ombre Rainbow Cake

Tickle your little girl with this super colorful cake inside and out. Sprinkles covered fun on the outside, and a beautiful ombre effect on the inside.

Such a beautiful yet simple cake.

Fun Birthday Cakes
raspberri cupcakes

4. Diva Cake

Pink and lots of sparkles. A cake any growing princess diva would squeal for.

Cupcake towers or displays are very practical and easy to put together. Another benefit is it’s easy to serve since it’s already in portions. Less hassle for mommy but more fun for baby!

Choose a baby pink colored cream cheese frosting for the topping to leave your guests begging for more.

Fun Birthday Cakes

5. Sponge Bob Cake

I’m sure your kids have favorite cartoon characters. Why not include it in your cake design?

You might have to give up on your original elegant cake idea, but the smile it brings to your little one’s face is worth it!

Fun Birthday Cakes
she cooks she eats

6. Popcorn Cake

How cool is this cake? A popcorn box made of cake and topped with caramel popcorn! Two sweet favorites in one!

Fun Birthday Cakes

7Rocket Ship Cake

This cake has so many other candies infused, it will surely be the sugar rush your kid rarely gets. It’s his birthday so let him have a blast!

Fun Birthday Cakes

8. Number Bundt Cake

Now, this is fun. M&M-covered bundt cakes cut out to form the celebrant’s age are very creative and unique. No need to count any candles anymore, this one has got it all sorted for you.

Fun Birthday Cakes

9Dark Castle Cake

Dragons and castles? The major epic theme right there. This one is for your kid who just adores dragons or the movie How To Train Your Dragon.

No denying it. Toothless is ferociously cute.

Fun Birthday Cakes

10Gravity Defying Cake

If you want one from the unique birthday cake ideas, this one is not just gravity defying, but also gets you a round of applause from the kids at the party.

Fun Birthday Cakes
full scoop

11. Royal Princess Tiara Cake

If this doesn’t scream Sleeping Beauty-inspired cake, I don’t know what will. Just one look and this automatically sucks me in the famous Disney movie. Probably because of the color and the roses. Either way, fit for your celebrating princess!

Fun Birthday Cakes

12. Fire Truck Cake

At some point in a little boy’s life, he’d dream of becoming a firefighter one day. Or maybe think firefighters are his heroes. Indulge that side of him with an intricate fire truck cake and cupcakes.

Red hot cool.

Fun Birthday Cakes
heather drive

13Half Pipe Cake

You probably held your breath the moment your little boy showed interest in skateboarding. You probably fainted the first time he came home with a broken bone from a wipeout. And you probably cringed the moment the cast was taken off only to free your son from his skating hiatus.

Fun Birthday Cakes

Now, you’re getting a skate park cake made to celebrate his birthday and who he is.

Don’t worry mom. There are a lot more dangerous things in the world than skateboarding.

14. Piñata Cake

I have never seen this cake but this totally takes my top spot on my kid’s birthday cakes list.

Super unique. Packed with surprises. 100% creative.

Not a kid but I’m getting myself a piñata cake for my next birthday! Stuffed with all my favorite chocolates and probably some Nerds. :D

Fun Birthday Cakes

15Rapunzel Cake

Since your boy would have the dark castle cake, here’s one for your little princess.

A Tangled-inspired two-tier cake. Might want to add Ryder on the side for the ultimate Rapunzel feel.

Fun Birthday Cakes

16Classic Pirate Cake

One of the ultimate dream birthday themes of every little boy. A classic pirate-themed cake to make his birthday am Arrrr-py Birthday!

Fun Birthday Cakes

17Banana Split Cake

Watch your kids’ jaws drop to the floor upon seeing this cake. Two of kids’ most favorite desserts in one cake? Genius.

Make sure though that you scoop the ice cream onto the cake right before you sing the happy birthday song.

Fun Birthday Cakes
alana bread

18. Tutti Fruiti Fun Cake

Marshmellow ice-cream cones and donuts, jelly fruits candies make this cake so colorful, and ideal for a summer birthday party.

fun birthday cakes

19. Kinder Chocolate Cake

As a huge fan of Kinder chocolate, I would say this is my top fun birthday cake for any celebration.

fun birthday cakes 1

We hope you like the selection of the cool cakes in this roundup! As always, feel free to leave a comment below and tell us which one will you try at home!

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