16 Sexy Maternity Swimsuits That Will Make You Sizzle

Summer is coming and you’re sporting your 3rd baby bump in old, definitely not the same sexy maternity bathing suit you bought on your first pregnancy.

Time for a new swimwear our radiant preggos!

As quickly as fashion has gone from and reverted to the classic vintage style of the 50’s with a modern twist, so has the look of bathing suits altogether including sexy maternity bathign suits.

So many to choose from but pregnant women have better things to do than scout different stores for the perfect maternity swimsuit that would make you feel sexy as hell despite your basketball sized baby bump.

I’m sure you know that many pregnant women feel un-sexy and fat when they’re pregnant. They cry about it, and their husbands are stumped on what to say for fear of saying the wrong things. That’s just hormones but humor us.

And because we love our mommies very much, pregnant or not, we have created our catalog of sexy maternity swimsuits you can choose from and order online.

I’m pretty sure online shopping isn’t a natural element to your light online reading, but this will hit two birds with one stone.
maternity bathing suits

1.First Trimester Sexy Maternity Bathing Suits

The first three months of pregnancy is sort of like a game of guessing. You don’t look pregnant but feel pregnant. The beach may be one of your cravings and the first trimester is your chance to make the most out of it before you start showing your baby bump that will scream pregnant for the next six months. Enjoy the beach while you still have your un-preggy figure. :)

maternity bathing suits

Pez D’Or Stripe Two-Piece nautical print bathing suit

Crisp and very catchy. This Pez D’Or Stripe Two-Piece nautical print swimsuit is perfect for moms who are just starting out their first trimester.

The low cut bikini bottom will comfortably accommodate your slightly showing baby bump and will continue to do so as long as you’re comfortable with showing some skin along your entire pregnancy.

Available Colors: BlueRed

maternity bathing suits

Jessica Simpson one piece maternity bathing suit

Only at $59(at the time of writing this), this Jessica Simpson one piece maternity swimsuit is sure to hide your baby bump in case you’re not that comfortable in letting it show during your first three months. The black and white print will create an illusion of a flat tummy.

Available Colors: Black-White Print

maternity bathing suits

Maternal America ‘Josie’ Maternity Tankini

A patterned print is the best way to create an optical illusion for fashion. Some prints purposely make you look bigger while some make you look slimmer.

This tropical color combo tankini from Maternal America is both figure-flattering and summer hot.

Available Colors: Navy Aztec/ Navy Tangerine Zigzag

maternity bathing suits

Seraphine one-piece Maternity Bathing Suit

Full cover black halter one piece from Seraphine at $75 is not just cute but very feminine. The halter will divert focus from your baby bump to your plump pregnancy breasts.

Available Colors: Black

2.Second Trimester Sexy Maternity Bathing Suits

Months 4-6 is where you inflate like you swallowed a balloon. Your belly just expands. Should this stop your beach bum personality? Heck no.

Go to the beach if it makes you feel better. Wear a sexy two-piece suit and don’t give a crap about what looks you get from the public. A lot of people find pregnant women in bikinis hot. Being pregnant is glorious; flaunt it! :)

maternity bathing suits

Maternal America Tankini Top & Bottom

Salmon colored swimsuits are always a trend in the beach. This tankini is very sophisticated, chic and feminine. And because of its shade, your sun-kissed skin will look even more radiant! Get this ensemble by Maternal America!

Available Colors: BlackMentholPoppy RedTropical Peach

A Pea in the Pod Maternity Printed Tankini

maternity bathing suits

Perfect for young and hip mothers, this Aztec patterned tankini from A Pea in a Pod is a favorite style in beaches. Even high-class fashion icons are into anything Aztec printed. Get this for $88 only!

Available Colors: Multi Print

A Pea in the Pod Maternity Striped Tankini Bathing Suit

maternity bathing suits

Tankini type maternity swimsuits are one of the go-to swimsuits of pregnant women because of the abdominal coverage it has. A lot of pregnant women, especially those who are on the heavier side, are uncomfortable in exposing their growing belly because of stretch marks and other unflattering features that come with pregnancy.

This blue printed tankini is very sexy because of the empress neckline and would look very complimenting to your growing breasts. Get this on A Pea in a Pod for $88.

Available Colors: Blue Ikat Print

maternity bathing suits

Pez D’or ‘Montego Bay’ One-piece Maternity Bathing Suit

Halter swimsuits make your breasts look more plump and full. This monochrome halter one-piece suit does just that.

Flaunt your glowing baby bump and fuller breasts in this by PEZ D’OR $96 creation and be ready to get lots of knowing looks from your hubby!

Available Colors: Black

maternity bathing suits

Pez D’or ‘Palm Springs’ Tankini

This Pez D’or ‘Palm Springs’ tankini set is a bit on the pricier side at $115 but so worth it. Red, white and blue stripes is a classic combo. Hip, vintage and chic.

Available Colors: Navy/ Red

maternity bathing suits

Pez D’or ‘Montego Bay’ One-piece Maternity Bathing Suit

Polka dotted straps and bright floral prints equal to a classic style. This Pez D’or ‘Montego Bay’ halter top screams spring and summer altogether. You can never go wrong with elegant and sophisticated maternity swimsuits.

Available Colors: Raspberry

3.Third Trimester Sexy Maternity Bathing Suits

The last stretch of your pregnancy and anytime the bun is going to come out of the oven. Do You get the urge to go to the beach? By all means, go for it!

Take out your black swimsuit and rock your baby bump. Third-trimester sexy maternity swimsuits are all about wearing black or dark colors if you don’t want to look as big or feel like people are staring at you thinking you’re as big as a whale. There are lots of sexy black or dark colored maternity swimsuits on the market and here are our favorites! :D

maternity bathing suits

Pez D’or One-piece Maternity Bathing Suit

No pregnant woman wouldn’t look good in this suit. The thick white trim highlights your full breasts and the black finish is just chic. Top it off with an oversized sunhat and strut your stuff down the beach!

This exquisite Pez D’or one piece retails at $93 (When writing this)

Available Colors: Black

 ASOS Maternity Exclusive Bathing Suit With Bow


Shabby chic style while you’re preggo? No problemo! This $43 ASOS black strapless one piece with bow takes the accent from your tummy and focuses on your breasts done by the ruffled ribbon on its semi sweetheart neckline.

I don’t know about you, but this is sexy.

Available Colors: black

Pez D’or ‘Retro’ Ruched One-piece Maternity Bathing Suit

maternity bathing suits

Show off your fully grown baby bump in this Pez D’or ‘Retro’ Ruched black halter one piece. Sport it with oversized sunglasses, a vintage scarf and you’d be today’s Audrey Hepburn on the beach. Classic 50’s look and only at $99.

Available Colors: Black

maternity bathing suits

Pez D’or One-piece Maternity Bathing Suit

All black to plain for you? Stay within the dark colored pieces with this deep blue Pez D’or one piece. Gives you full coverage and total glam!

Available Colors: Blue Royal, Fuchsia

 maternity bathing suits
Cake ‘Shake’ Tankini Maternity/Nursing Bathing Suit

Classic eggplant color. Perfect with either pasty or tanned complexion. This tankini is great for full term pregnant mothers and can still be worn post-baby.

Available Colors: BlackPurple

 maternity bathing suitsPez D’or One-piece Maternity Bathing Suit

Need I say more about this Cake ‘Shake’ Tankini? Who cares if they look pregnant in this piece? People will just fall in love with this deep crimson red one piece because of its rich, lustrous color.

Available Colors: BurgundyGreen

There you have it my beach bum preggers!

Sixteen sexy maternity swimsuits to die for. You won’t have to scour the internet and get frustrated just to get the right bathing suit for every trimester.

Get your suits ready, load up the car and get your bum to the beach! You’re already carrying a heavy load in your tummy. You deserve relaxation and appreciation.

So what if you’re the size of a bowling ball or have stretch marks? It’s biology, and people can just either appreciate it or suck it up.

Don’t be afraid to show some skin just because you’re pregnant. Pregnancy is fantastic and sexy as hell. Ask your husband, and he’ll tell you. 😉

Need more sexy maternity bathing suits options? Check these out!

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