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Have you heard about the power of the colors over our minds and body? The vibration of each color reflects directly to our mood and health. How to choose happy colors for a happy home?

Green for a harmony and health. Blue for keeping you relaxed and calm. Yellow for more smiles and happy living. So many colors, and so many meaning. Just pick your happy color and make your home full with joy and love.

The Pantone Color Institute give us an accurate information about the color trends in all fields. Fashion, home, design and interiors plan their trends according to Pantone shades and pallets.

If you plan a makeover to your interior, or you are curious about what the interior trends in colors are, here are some of the happiest home hues.

1Sunny Yellow

Let the sun ryes into your home. No matter how light and sunny your home is, a yellow interior accent always gives a smiley face to your place.

You can add yellow hues in a creative and aesthetic way in your interior and still keep a simple and neutral line.

The yellow color is a symbol of optimism. It stimulates the left side of the brain and could help you to make quick decisions and have a fresh and clear view of situations.

2Orange- The Joyful Color

If you want to add your home a joyful and truly happy character, you need an orange accent.

Be bold and brave, the orange color symbolizes the youth, optimism and has a real effect on the emotions. This color palette increases creativity and positivity.

3Ocean Blue And Green

The peaceful and calm atmosphere is everything you need for a better family living.

The blue color brings peace, trust, and loyalty. It gives a relaxing feeling and helps to reduce stress.

With a combination of green, you will get a well-balanced interior line and a home full of stability and reliability.

4Lively Pink And Spiritual Purple

Pink is associated with love and femininity. It combines the passion of red and purity of white.

This happy color encourages creativity and adds a playful note.

If you want to challenge your imagination and give a real spiritual atmosphere to your living area, create a combination with purple shades.

The purple color represents wisdom, royalty, and luxury.

5Neutral Hues

Neutral and natural colors symbolize nature. They are peaceful and clean. Could be combined with all the palettes and the interior will remain sophisticated and modern.

Color Therapy- How To Choose Happy Colors For A Happy Home

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