Find More Joy in Your Life: 30 Days Happiness Challenge

It is time to bid farewell to the hot summer days, and long walks on the beach (if you’re lucky to live close to the beach).

But it doesn’t mean that you need to lose your happy vibe with the first autumn wind blow.

If you are feeling nostalgic already, take our 30 days happiness challenge and sprinkle positive vibes around your home and family – we swear it’s infectious!

I know mornings must be hard for most of us. Some are said to normally seek advice from therapists in order not to get too anxious when they wake up.

Getting up on a rainy, cold day is not the ideal setup for a really cheerful day ahead, but you can still make it happen. Work on it every day, and you will start seeing a positive impact on your mood and mornings gradually, one step at a time.

This happiness challenge has been designed around small habits and tasks that will build up your positive emotional balance and let it tip over the negative states.

As with everything hard in life, it takes practice.

Be patient and kind to yourself. Take it one day at a time.

Are you ready to start?

Find More Joy in Your Life 30 Days Happiness Challenge

Day 1 | Declutter

Get rid of all unuseful items in your home.

Start with your clothes, and then with all the other stuff.

This will help you to improve your mental health and will make you feel happier. It will also make you feel physically lighter, getting rid of clutter is truly life-changing.

Day 2 | Organize Your Daily Routine

Prioritize your daily tasks, and try to move the important ones in the first half of the day.

Organizing your day increases your productivity, and helps you to be more confident. Accomplishing hard tasks start of the day will give you energy and positivity that will carry you through the whole day.

Day 3 | Exercise Challange

Half an hour of cardio is not only beneficial to your health but also helps to release endorphins that improve your mood.

Do it as soon as you can, otherwise, you will come up with excuses.

Day 4 | Hydrate

Why is that important? Water stimulates the flow of nutrients and hormones that release those feel-good endorphins you need to feel happy.

Make it part of your everyday.

Day 5 | Eat Healthy Food

Eating healthy is not only good for your physical health, but it can also improve your psychological state.

Day 6 | Give Yourself Flowers

The easiest way to improve your mood is to create a pleasant atmosphere around you. A bouquet of fresh flowers on your office desk or coffee table always brings positive thoughts.

Day 7 | Enjoy Your Cup of Coffee

Life is too short to drink bad coffee. According to The National Coffee Association coffee can reduce the risk of depression by 20%.

Day 8 | Plan Your Next Vacation

Spending money on experiences can make you happier than buying material items. There are so many wonderful places in the world that are just waiting to be visited.

Day 9 | Call Your BF

Make a call, or make a video call, it would be even better, not to texting. Just like that to chat and laugh. Today’s reality often makes us forget to call, texting, and using emojis is not the same as hearing your best friend’s voice, and laughing.

Day 10 | Grow Indoor Plants

You do not need to visit a therapist when you grow indoor plants. It is much cheaper, and there are no doubts that could make you happier.

Day 11 | Have a SPA Day

Massage, manicure, or just a face mask. You deserve a little time for yourself to relax and feel like a goddess.

Day 12 | Add a Color to Your Outfit

Wear bright, and bold colors. This will help you to have an elevated mood even on the darkest days.

Buy yourself a present, without occasion. You deserve to prize yourself with beautiful clothes and accessories. This is a great way to find anxiety relief.

Day 13 | Start a Planner

There’s something purifying about writing down your thoughts, and daily tasks. You don’t have to write your entire life, you just need to briefly describe your day and your emotions.

Plus you can have a really fancy, personalized planner with stickers. Something that will help you to express your emotions better.

Day 14 | Enjoy a Sweet Treat

You deserve those days when you can treat yourself to a chocolate or other treat you love. No matter your diet plan, your mind needs sweet seduction.

In addition, it is full of mood-enhancing polyphenols and antioxidants that regulate blood pressure.

Day 15 | Get Your Nails and Hair Done

Nothing feels better than freshly cut hair or painted nails. Add a fancy piece of jewelry or an anxiety ring that can even help you to concentrate.

Treat yourself today and savor the moment.

Day 16 | Go Offline

Mark one day of the week and switch to offline mode. It could be a day of the weekend when you can do so many more interesting activities instead of scrolling on your smart device.

Day 17 | Be Thankful

Think about 5 things you are thankful for. Do this every day. You will notice that there are so many reasons to be happy, glad, and thankful in your life.

Day 19 | Play a Happy Song

Listen to your favorite songs.

Set your alarm with a song that makes you dance like no one is watching you. There is no better way to start kick off your day.

Day 20 | Enjoy Some Quiet Time

Steal 10-15 minutes and enjoy the quiet time.

You can try to meditate during this time. Or just drink your favorite beverage quietly. Your mind needs to get rid of all surrounding noises.

Day 21 | Show some Love

Say “I love you” more often to people you love.

Don’t be afraid to give hugs, and express your emotions.

Day 22 | Don’t Complain

Choose one day of the week and challenge yourself to go a whole day without complaining.

Talking about negative things is not going to make you any happier. Make a change, and start looking from the bright side of things first.

Day 23 | Practice Your Hobby

No matter how busy you are you need to find time for your hobby.

It could be 20 minutes a day, but these are your 20 minutes when you are recharging yourself, and doing something for yourself.

Day 24 | Feel The Nature

Take a walk in the park, among the trees. Stanford research has found that a 90-minute walk in nature can reduce depressive thoughts.

Day 25 | Bake a Cake

Even if you are not that good at cooking, try to bake a cake, cookies, or something you love to eat. Don’t think about the result, just don’t give up.

Day 26 | Have a Family Gathering

Getting together with family, and old friends and having a drink of sweet talk is wonderful. Turn it into a tradition.

Day 27 | Read Books

Start a new book, or subscribe to a new podcast. Follow your interests, and hobbies as often as possible.

Day 28 | Make Someone Feel Special

Be spontaneous and send a hand-written card, or letter to your husband or boyfriend, or best friend. This is a special act of attention that brings a lot of positives for both sides.

Day 29 | Watch A Funny Movie

Watching funny movies, or hilarious videos is great to boost your mood.

Day 30 | Just Be Happy

It is true, life can sometimes be very hard, but trying to see things on the positive side can make a big difference to your life and those around you. Happiness is a choice.

30 Days Happiness Challenge
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