The Most Flattering Eyeglass Trends This Summer

Fashion and eyeglasses don’t come together, right? No, that’s wrong! There is truly no better way to keep pace with the whirlwind of fashion that surrounds us than to accessorize your face with a new, trendy set of frames. These come in all shapes and sizes, but most people believe that the best is perhaps the round glasses that look trendy.

What was considered a disgrace and nerd-wear is now the essence of a fashion lover’s wardrobe. Whether worn with prescription lenses or just as a fashion statement, eyeglasses have always been an eye-catcher and a sight for sore eyes. Eyeglasses transform your look into an immensely trendy and chic one. 

Summer is the ideal time to buy a new pair of eyeglasses. Not only will they make you look good, but they will also protect your eyes from the harmful scorching sun. If you have already got a prescription from your ophthalmologist, you can get same day prescription glasses with your favorite style of the frame from some famous brands like Overnight Glasses, EyeBuyDirect, Warby Parker and many more. Just make sure that the new lenses have UV blocking coating. UV blocking coating is essential to save your eyes from the detrimental effects of Ultraviolet rays.

If you are looking for the latest trends in optic fashion, you have come to the right place as here you will find all the necessary information regarding the best trendy and fashionable sunglasses.

Eyeglass trends are one of the most unpredictable trends in fashion. The style considered ugly one year becomes a must-have the next. However, there are some stylish looks that stay evergreen and always make you look ultramodern. Opting for these evergreen trends can be very economical for you. You would have to only invest in them once, and you can wear them whenever you like without the fear of wearing an out-of-fashion style. 

Some of these latest, evergreen styles are listed below.

Stylish And Clear

Clear frames with a dramatic touch of style bring about the most distinct features of your face. These frames are the most popular eyewear trends of the year. The reason for this fame is their tendency to complement almost every face shape and complexion, regardless of gender. These colorless frames add fun and a fresh once-over to your overall look. Eyeglasses have never been more popular before these transparent frames were invented!

Moreover, they also give you a fresh look and look exceptional in photographs. These never become outdated, but one should keep them very carefully as they tend to be easily breakable.

Geometric Thick Rims

Thickset, graphic frames favor the bold. If you want to stand out and let the glasses speak for themselves, you have to try these plucky frames in style. These glasses are designed to fit almost every type of face shape. The tamed corners and the bold out front relate to square, angular, and even round glasses at times. 

However trendy these frames may be, it’s common that these frames aren’t suitable for those with a round-shaped face since the thick overview gives a sort of clunky look to the face.

However, for people with a heart-shaped face, these look picture perfect.

The spectacular thing about these thick-rimmed glasses is that they create a mysterious aura about you, which seems appealing to others. 

Bright And Translucent Nude

Translucent nudes are made and designed especially for those who prefer a little bit of color to their transparent frames, which become a bore over time. More and more people have started substituting their clear frames with translucent ones, mainly dusted pink nude. 

This millennial hue adds a warm feel to your face among the vast array of colors and gives heed to the overlooked.

This frame is used to make the outcome noticeably eye-catching. If you want heads turned and your presence prestigious, be sure to check out these new popular eyeglasses.

Their important feature is that they speak of your vibrant nature and present you as an interesting and colorful personality.

The Large And Round Vintages

Remember the plague of the Harry Potter trend. It was a time when every other person was rushing to buy those popular, large, round vintages. Well, guess what! That trend didn’t die. Not only does it still exist, but it’s also more popular than ever. Small, round ones create an elegant and chic look that perfectly suits business purposes like meetings, presenting your proposals to clients, conferences, etc. In contrast,  the large, round ones highlight the depth of your character.  They also make you look wise and smart. So if you want to make an intellectual impression, these will help you represent your personality, and people will remember your style even after you leave the room.


In a nutshell, you should choose the eyeglasses that suit your face over ones that might be very popular but do not look good on you. Finding the one that suits you best is the trick. Although, by now, you have acquired important information on the most trendy eyeglasses. This information will prove useful at an optician, where there is so much variety that it becomes quite confusing while choosing your own. Having directions makes it quite easy to decide which one you would like to buy.

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