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Christmas is the season to soften up: we smile at strangers more often, we swap coffee for hot chocolate varieties, and we enjoy the cheesiest movies about an unsupervised child for probably the twentieth time around! Most of all, it’s highly symbolic. No other festivity is so much about decor as the good old Yuletide.

For this holiday season, we have prepared the ultimate festive decor inspiration lookbook below. Discover the trendiest Christmas decoration styles: rustic farmhouse, chic couture, Scandinavian minimalism, sustainable and eco-friendly styles, unique DIY crafts and everything inbetween! Create a very personal space with some magical festive setups. Make it cozy, eye-catching and perfect for rockin’ around the Christmas tree! Right here, you will find every bauble and ornament that will make your fantasy soar high and deep into a beautiful winter dream!

1Vintage Nutcrackers

For a sophisticated and pristine couture theme, pick classic toys and ornaments! Soft pastel colors blend perfectly together.

2DIY Christmas Village

You can either pick one from a store or make your own. This particular one is homemade. You can use a lantern or a simple wooden box, place mugs at the bottom and artificial snow on top, and tuck in tiny decorations of your choice.

3Minimalist Interior Decor

If your home decor is minimalist in the first place, adding decorations can be an equally subtle affair!

43D Paper Christmas Village

5Santa Claus’s Reindeer Names Board

6Galvanized Stands

Add some twinkle lights in the kitchen! If your kitchen sink space is overcrowded, place galvanized stands that can hold small branches, soap, candle and baubles!

7Cozy Fireplace Decor

An excessive amount of wood is already the perfect Christmas decor setting. You only need the armchair, the candles, the blanket and the fairy string lights!

8Lighted Christmas Village Decor

9DIY Sliced Wood Christmas Ornaments

10Woodland Animal Ornaments

If you’re in love with forest and animal decor themes, here is a DIY tutorial for the 3D painted woodland animal ornaments with multi-surface acrylics.

11DIY Paper Christmas Tree

Here is another great DIY Christmas crafts tutorial. The base of this paper tree is made of aluminium tubing, whereas the strips that create the volume are cut from kraft paper sheets.

12Handmade Paper Ornaments

These paper love birds are an incredibly sweet and elegant touch to your Christmas tree!

13North Pole Direction Signs

Beware the reindeer poop!

14Vintage Charm

This is a ubersweet handmade vintage Christmas sign that can easily be recreated!

15Old Primitive Christmas

The old-school ‘primitive’ Christmas theme requires a bit more thrift shop time and extra ingenuity. However, the end result can be an incomparable movie-style atmosphere you’d feel proud of…

16Natural Colors

A nut bell ornament with checkered ribbon is one of those small yet vital elements in applying the down-to-earth concept… Just plenty of natural colors, i.e. deep moss green and tree bark brown.

17Festive Message Boards


18Hanging Papercut Nativity Wall Scene

Use gold string, kraft board and glitter cardstock for this stylish DIY decoration!

19Metal Pigeon Ornament

20Endearing Farmhouse Style Decor Elements

21Rustic Goodness


22Vintage Santa Claus Wood Carved Ornaments


23Wind Cock as a Treetopper

24Wooden Angel Ornaments


25Christmas Coffee Bar

26Plenty of Cozy Christmas Pillows and Fabrics

27Buffalo Check Christmas Tree

28Wine Bottle DIY Rustic Lanterns

29Introduce a Color Theme, e.g. Pink & White

Rose gold and white is a perfect combo for a soft pastel couture Christmas style!

30Opt for a Flocked Tree

There is something magical about a white Christmas tree…

31Blush Pink Bulbs

This vintage inspired Christmas setup relies heavily on shiny blush pink bulbs and shimmery sequin elements…

32All-White Glamor

33Personalized Ornaments

There are plenty of personalized ornament options out there. One is domes with small, handmade figurines and writing of white vinyl. Others include family photos and other trinkets within a glass dome.

34Farmhouse Christmas Decor

The choice of fabrics is crucial, as well as the patterns and colors!

35Focus on the Table Setup

36Even the Laundry Room

37White, Black & Red Palette

38Nordic Winter Decor

source: decoreditor.com

39More Scandinavian Touches

source: decoreditor.com

40All-Natural Setups

For the eco-friendly enthusiasts, the reduce-reuse-recycle rule is very much applicable!

41Sisal Tree Decoration

42Lit Candle Houses

43Nordic Style Stick Tree

44Star Tree Topper With LED Projector Lights

45Elf Hat Christmas Tree Topper

46Santa Claus DIY Keys

47DIY Pine Cone Ornaments

48Walnut Shell Manger Ornament

49Burlap Button Tree Ornaments

source kirklands.com

50Merry Everything

So snuggle worthy!

51DIY Snowman Boxes

Christmas 3D Rolling Pin

ultimate christmas decoration christmas 3D rolling pin momooze.com online magazine for modern moms

There is also a trend where people hang actual cookies and treats on their Christmas tree. Would you?

52Hot Chocolate Bar

53Tree Tapestries

Urban Outfiters

No boughs of green, no Christmas tree mess. Decorate with light bulbs and DIY pins.

54Homemade Cinema


Finally, dig out an easy DIY cinema tutorial online and stock up on snacks! Making a theater screen and projector set at home is much easier than you’d expect!

Here is our roundup of the ultimate Christmas decor pieces, stay toasty and keep an eye out for more amazing content on Momooze.com!


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