Is Custom Embroidery Coming Back To Style?

In the days of yore, an embroidered tablecloth or bedspread was considered to be a sign of prosperity. It has been an on again off again decorating and fashion trend for many years.

This intrinsic form of needlework has been around since Cro-Magnon times. Archeologists have found evidence of fossilized fabrics with embroidered stitches on them. Embroidery was initially used to mend clothes. It is not clear exactly when it started being used as an embellishment.

It once took a skilled hand and many hours to create an embroidered pattern. Today there are programable sewing machines that can make a complex design in a few minutes. If you take a walk through the woman’s clothing section of any department store, you will see plenty of embroidered patterns on blouses and jeans. You will also find many embroidered sports jackets. Custom-made embroidery is also making a comeback.  

How Embroidery Is Used To Dress Up Clothing

It used to be that the fancy stitch work was used on high-quality napkins, bedding, and other decorative items in the house. You could also find it on the occasional hanky or lapel. The designs tended to be simple things like butterflies and foliage. Today the stitching is done by machine, and you can embroider many different designs on a plethora of cloth items.

According to this website, you can take a plain t-shirt and add a few ladybugs around the collar or sleeves to dress it up. You can also embroider a word or saying onto a tee shirt, mask, or hat.

People have started adding embroidered detail to business suits recently. It can make a cheap black blazer come to life.

Some women have also taken to adding a few stitches of embroidery detail to plain tennis shoes. A few roses on the sides of a pair of Keds can give them a classy, feminine look that can be worn with dress-slacks.

Personalize Hats And Jackets

Embroidery has been used on baseball caps for a while now. Many of your higher-end team jackets will have embroidered lettering on the back. When you customize a hat or jacket, you can put anything from a company name to your favorite word or image on it.

There is a recent trend towards embroidering single words for emotions onto hats. Don’t be surprised if you see words like love, strength, peace, and amazing on the bills of a few baseball caps in the coming years.

Refurbished Clothing

Embroidery started out as a way to repair damaged clothing, and recently it has had a return to its roots. People are using the stitches to repair frayed old jeans and the coolers and lapels of jean jackets. Beads are coming back as a popular accent on embroidered jackets.

If you want to make an embroidered item, you don’t have to buy a fancy sewing machine. There are companies on the internet that can print your embroidered design on any number of garments. You can print one item at a time or enough for a whole team.

Embroidery adds a lovely touch to anything that you put it on. An idea that good never gets old.

Julie Higgins
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