5 Ways To Surprise Your Mom With Amazing Kitchen Upgrades

Every culture recognizes that most moms love the kitchen and that it is their domain with all their favorite tools and gadgets.

Moving with the times is important and one can do that by balancing functionality with modern upgrades that look beautiful and cut daily kitchen tasks in half.

Here are a few ways to surprise your mom with some stunning upgrades to her kitchen that will be useful as she goes about preparing her favorite meals. 

5 Ways To Surprise Your Mom With Amazing Kitchen Upgrades

1. Do Not Underestimate Organization 

No matter how aesthetically pleasing a kitchen is, it will still be a nuisance if it is not organized and super functional.

Smaller kitchens are a greater struggle when it comes to deciding on the best mode of storage and organization but slightly larger kitchens offer a plethora of options.

Utilizing any vertical space available to you in a smaller or mid-size kitchen can work wonders for freeing up counter space so that your mum can make her favorite meals with ease. 

Make a list of the appliances and the items that are normally stored in your mom’s kitchen and then plan modern storage options accordingly like slide out pantries, automatic drawers and stoves, or under-cabinet lighting for spice racks and other smaller organizers.

If your mother prefers something like a tea and coffee bar, your organizational elements will take that in stride as each kitchen is different.

Take notice of the current cabinets and drawers available for storage as many cost-effective in-drawer and in-cabinet organizers can make life easier. 

2. Appliance Updates

No matter what anyone tells you, updating and upgrading the main kitchen appliances is going to change the entire experience of working and eating in that kitchen.

It is not necessary to replace all of them with high-end models but a stove, microwave and some mini appliances like buying a good blender for smoothies will be greatly appreciated by your mom.

If she prefers some old ones like a retro toaster for example, just clean them with a specialty cleaning product and have them serviced so they look good as new. 

Certain appliances like a multi-burner stove can help the main user and beneficiary of the kitchen save time as they can cook multiple stages of a dish at the same time.

A great electric or gas oven can create the tastiest and quickest cakes, casseroles and pies so new appliances not only look more presentable, they are practical and time-saving. 

3. Upcycle And Recycle

Many items both functional and decorative that are present in the kitchen can absolutely be upcycled and many items can be purchased from secondhand or preloved stores and then recycled.

Upcycling has become very popular recently, especially with furniture like tables and shelves. If you are doing some kitchen remodeling, you could invest in some old shelving or a cutting table and paint it and polish it to make it a much-loved statement piece in your mom’s kitchen. 

Moms intrinsically have a love for the vintage and the preloved so take her preference in mind before deciding on any additional furniture pieces.

Even during an extensive remodeling attempt, it is not necessary to uproot the existing cabinets or shelves, a good sanding down and a fresh coat of wood-specific paint is all that is needed to get them looking like new.

This way you can save money in your budget for appliances or more expensive items needed to make the space functional and impressive.

Certain stylish additions like having a double-door fridge or a double sink needlessly amp up the cost but provide little more in terms of actual functionality especially if the house has only a few members.

Consider the changes that work well with your existing lifestyle. 

4. Quality Over Quantity 

A kitchen in most houses and apartments is a relatively small space even if it includes a dining niche or area and it is still a space that is utilized all the time by the people living there.

That being said, the kitchen should be the last space that is over-cluttered and untidy as it will simply be more apparent in comparison with other living spaces in the house.

Choose statement pieces to place in the kitchen such as a valuable bone china set or a vase as opposed to having a lot of smaller décor pieces that will be an impediment to daily tasks. 

Whenever possible use vertical floating shelves or other similar display solutions to showcase items that are valuable in either a monetary or sentimental manner so they aren’t interfering with regular cooking tasks.

For items like photographs, framing and hanging them up is always an option but be wary that smoke, fumes, and steam are common in a kitchen and this can affect paper and cards over time. Tapestries or painted bowls and flowerpots all exude a homely vibe but always keep it simple and opt for quality over quantity. 

5. Classic Over Super Modern

New kitchen designs are always making rounds on social media and lifestyle, housekeeping, and architectural magazines and websites but when doing a kitchen remodel for your mom, it is best to stick to the realm of neutrals and classics.

Unless your mom has a particular penchant for color, use neutral base colors that open up the space and give it a cleaner, tidier vibe.

Opt for a classic style that will never go out of fashion and do not spend money on items that are particularly fashionable now but may seem outdated in a few years. 

At every step, it is essential to involve your mom in the process so you pick pieces and make changes that are compatible with her likes, dislikes, and lifestyle.

Purchasing and installing any appliance or gadget that she finds difficult to use or like will only be counterproductive. Décor elements like bar stools, floor lamps, colorful bowls or antique candle stands will still be fashionable a decade from now and are good investment pieces.

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