What To Wear To A Baby Shower – Adorable Outfit Ideas

An event like a baby shower is a great way to share love with expecting parents. A lot of love and well-wishes are being showered on the parents by guests. It is an emotional moment for the parents as well.

It is really important to dress up nicely to make the most out of this magical event. At this memorable event, you don’t want to feel less about yourself. 

It is really challenging to decide what to wear to a baby shower. Therefore, we have rounded up gorgeous outfit ideas for the baby shower to help you out. Check them out and choose one that suits your personality.

What To Wear To A Baby Shower Adorable Outfit Ideas 2

What Color Should You Not Wear to a Baby Shower?

Baby showers do not have any particular color restrictions. But as the black color is commonly associated with moans and funerals, and can be frowned upon, it should be avoided to wear black at a baby shower.

Go for happy colors like pink, yellow, and red. 

Impress Everyone With These Baby Shower Outfits Ideas

Check out these outfit ideas that will save your entire maternity period and your baby shower functions.

Dress + Leather Jacket Combo

A nude shade minimalist dress with a leather jacket is good to create a beautiful yet cozy maternity look for a baby shower. Don’t forget to add a pendant to your attire for a touch of flare.

A Midi Skirt

If you are not a dress person, a midi skirt is a good option to go for. It will create a compliment-worthy maternity look with canvas sneakers. 

No matter how big or small your bump is, midi skirts go for every shape of your body. Make an elegant statement with nude shades.

Fitted Maternity Dress

Gorgeous future mom! It is easy to look awesome and trendy even after the changing curves. Wear a pink fitted maternity dress to highlight your curves and to cheer your pregnancy. 

Pair it with a floral coat and heels. This would be an  ideal pink babyshower dress.

Full Length Maxi

No doubt, maxis are event-transcend attire, they never fail to vibe out stunning. You can put on a floor-length maxi to look chin at your baby shower party. 

A nude maxi is one of the perfect  baby shower outfits if  you’re  going for babyshower photoshoot. Enhance that sophisticated look with a pearl necklace.

Formal Longwear

Long wears are a key part of maternity style. Having trouble deciding what to wear to your baby’s shower party? A blue one-shoulder formal dress is the solution. 

It’s best to go for flowy stuff, and you don’t even need to size up to get the perfect fit. 

What To Wear To A Baby Shower Adorable Outfit Ideas

Layer Up

up loose trousers with an oversize jumper. Complete the look with a winter long coat and a cap.

Slip-on sneakers will elevate this oversized layered look. 

Fitted Blue Dress for the Future Mom

Brighten up your most magical event with a blue lace dress. A knee-length tailored blue dress is an amazing option as your baby shower dress.

Wear heels and a smile to complete that confident look. 

A Floral Mini Dress 

The good news is that you can still wear a mini-dress if you have a small bump. Go for floral prints to create a fresh look. 

Put on a women’s leather jacket with this ensemble to stand out effortlessly. 

White Mom-to-be Reception Dress

A white bodycon dress is the perfect choice if you’re looking for unique  baby shower outfit ideas. Complete the look with nude heels. 

This white attire will add an extra dose of formality to your special day. 


No matter if you are celebrating your pregnancy in winter fall or summer, we have outfit ideas to brighten up your personality. 

One thing that is common in all these outfit ideas is “they all are fabulous”. Try them out and serve up aesthetic vibes. 

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