Bathroom Vanities: Tips for finding the Perfect Sink

Choosing a bathroom vanity can be overwhelming. There are many different styles, sizes, and materials from which to choose.

Because the vanity is the focal point, it is necessary to consider the various options before deciding on one. Keep reading for tips for finding the perfect sink for any bathroom.

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Vanity Sizes

One of the first considerations when choosing a vanity is the size of the sink. Many people start by shopping for a single sink vanity but then decide a double vanity with two sinks is more practical.

A floating vanity extending from the wall rather than the floor can save space in a small bathroom, but homeowners need to consider the height, width, and depth.

Undermount Sinks

An undermount sink sits under the countertop rather than sitting on top of it. These types of sinks give a clean, seamless look.

Water and toothpaste spills can be wiped from the countertop right into the sink, making it a fantastic option for families.

Unfortunately, undermounted sinks usually only work with countertops made of stone, since laminate does not seal well. Undermounted sinks also cost more than top-mounted ones.

Top-Mount Sinks

Sometimes called a drop-in sink, a top-mount sink sits on a counter. Usually, most of it sits below the counter with just the rim on top. Rims can either be small or large, depending on the style.

Top-mount sinks go with almost any countertop material, including laminate, wood, and stone. Top-mount sinks are less expensive than other sinks and easier to install.

Unfortunately, homeowners cannot wipe spills or water straight into the sink. Top-mount sinks are great for homeowners who want to achieve a minimalist look or have an elegant master bathroom.

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks usually sit completely on top of a countertop, although some sit partially below the counter. Vessel sinks make a bold statement in any bathroom.

Homeowners who like a deep sink that holds a lot of water will enjoy this sink. Because a vessel sink sits on top of a countertop, plan the counter height appropriately.

Homeowners don’t want their sinks to be too high or uncomfortable to use.

Wall-Mounted Sinks

Homeowners fix wall-mounted sinks to the wall without sitting them on a countertop. Wall-mounted sinks give a minimalist, streamlined look to a bathroom.

Wall-mounted sinks are great for small spaces. They save on floor space, and make a room feel bigger.

Plumbing must be inside the wall for a wall-mounted sink. Unfortunately, with a wall-mounted sink, there is no storage space below the sink.

There is also no countertop space to the sides of the sink. These sinks are often best used in a powder room, where storage isn’t as necessary.

Integrated Sinks and Countertops

Homeowners can buy many vanity cabinets as an all-in-one countertop and sink. The sink comes as part of the countertop.

These vanities come in different materials like porcelain and acrylic. Integrated sinks are easy to clean and make an excellent choice for family bathrooms. The sinks are usually a standard size. Often, the countertops slope down and inward to make a sink in the center.

They can cause less flat counter space. Homeowners who want a quick and easy-to-install option may want to consider this integrated option.

Picking a vanity is more complicated than many people think. Choose an option that is functional for the bathroom and matches the style of the home.

A beautiful vanity will produce a stunning bathroom that will work for years.

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