Beating the Writer’s Block and Finding the Motivation to Write: How to Start Complex Essays

Getting started on assignments is often one of the most frustrating things for college students. Assignments come in various types and differ in terms of complexity and requirements. Regardless of the magnitude of the task, all assigned tasks are mandatory and come with deadlines.

The student, therefore, has a responsibility to ensure that the work is done well within the stipulated timeline. There is also the issue of writer’s block, where you may find yourself staring at a blank page for hours or days unable to find ideas or inspirations for your writing.

This article simplifies the steps for finding the creativity to write complex essays and impress professors.

Beating the Writer’s Block and Finding the Motivation to Write How to Start Complex Essays

What Is the Writers Block?

If you have ever found yourself staring at your computer screen for hours when you should have been writing an urgent essay, your problem may be writer’s block. This is a phenomenon experienced by writers where they are unable to get fresh ideas and are unable to move forward or get started on their projects.

For most essay writers, writer’s block is a common challenge in the creative process, causing them to stagnate when working on important tasks. Understand that the problem can affect anyone, from students to seasoned writers and novelists.

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What Causes the Writer’s Block?

Writer’s block can be caused by many things, including diminished motivation. Some people assume that not being able to get started on a project means limited talent.

However, you will be glad to know that even the most seasoned writers struggle with the creative process of generating captivating essays. Here are some of the reasons why you may be struggling to get ideas for your essay.

Lack of Motivation

One of the main reasons students struggle with writer’s block is a lack of motivation, which can drain your creative drive. Are there times when you find yourself overflowing with ideas, but can seem to have any point when you sit down to start writing your essay?

Taking breaks to generate more ideas only sees you procrastinating and delaying the project’s completion. If your short breaks to refresh always turn into long breaks without any ideas, then motivation may be the cause of your writer’s block. Maybe you don’t have a strong incentive to get started on your task.

Lacking motivation can make it impossible to get tasks done. Writing for the sake of creating content isn’t always motivating.

For instance, if your professor tells you to write an essay in college just because this can sap all the energy or drive you have to work on the task.

On the other hand, choosing and working on a topic that interests you or doing a task because your grade depends on your work will give you the incentive you need to write.

Remember, without apparent consequences, there can be no motivation. You need to remember the consequences of not finishing a quality paper within the indicated time.

This could mean failing your grade or having to retake the entire course. It could also mean that you have to rush to complete the task at the last minute, increasing the pressure on your already hectic schedule.

Performance Anxiety

Another reason students struggle with writer’s block is performance anxiety. It could be that you are not confident about the quality of the work you produce, or you are worried about the possibility of getting a low grade.

You assume that any positive feedback you get from your friends is out of politeness and your inner self-talk is overly critical. It could also be that you have gotten a bad grade on a previous assignment and are doubting your ability to impress your professor.

At the very root of your fear is your diminished view of self-worth. Maybe you assume other students and writers are better than you and the lack of belief in your abilities blocks you from getting started on projects.

Understand that everyone feels inadequate from time to time, and this is perfectly okay. However, don’t dwell on negativity for too long. After all, most good writers have no idea what they are doing. They follow the rules and figure out things as they continue with the work.


You may also be struggling with writer’s block because you are unable to overcome your perfectionism. While perfectionism can be a great motivator and can help you get things done right, wanting to do things perfectly can be a hindrance.

When you desire to create great essays can worsen your anxiety and make it impossible to start working on tasks.

Even for those getting started on college-level academic writing, the desire to create awe-inspiring essays can be great. However, you have to understand that top-notch academic writing is a skill that takes time and practice to master.

With time, you will be able to narrow the apparent gap between where you are in essay writing and where you desire to be.

Remember, perfection is the enemy of good writing and even the best writing services make mistakes from time to time.

Distractions and Real-Life Problems

Students can also struggle with academic writing when real-life problems and distractions get in the way of working on tasks. College students have life outside of academia, including friendships, work, and familial relationships.

You may need to take care of your kids or siblings while working part-time or keeping things organized in your home.

The demands of juggling work, academics, and social obligations can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when things don’t seem to go your way.

When dealing with loss, relationship problems, or financial hardships, sitting down to write an essay can seem too demanding. Success in your academic projects will require you to manage other aspects of your life better.

This may mean working on time management, organizing your responsibilities, avoiding procrastination, and getting help when overwhelmed.  

How to Overcome Writer’s Block and Start Essay Writing

You will be surprised to learn how a little pressure can help you through writer’s block. Experts recommend creating some sense of urgency and prioritizing a task to increase motivation.

Here are some tips to help you get started on the seemingly impossible essay.

Dive Right In

One of the best ways to get started on a project when you can seem to find inspiration is to dive right in. Jumping in by working on simpler tasks will get you going. Start on the seemingly easier sections of the task without creating a clear picture of the product.

The important thing in getting started is to keep going. When starting, avoid those areas that seem too complex. Remember, your first draft does not have to be perfect. There will be multiple opportunities to revise and rewrite your first copy.

Schedule Breaks to Refresh

If you are feeling stuck in the middle of a project, take time off to do something else for a while. Taking a hiatus from an assignment will allow you to return with a fresh eye. Remember, the human concentration span is limited and you may need frequent breaks to unwind.

However, you need to use your breaks wisely. So, step away from your desk and do a different activity. This could be the laundry, some light exercise, or going for a walk.

Top writers have found some of their best ideas when going for nature walks.

Use Mind Maps

A common strategy for beating writer’s block and procrastination is mind mapping. This method is increasingly popular for recording, organizing, and presenting information.

Here, a mind map is a diagram used to represent tasks, words, or concepts linked to and arranged around a central subject or thesis using a non-linear approach. Mind mapping is appropriate for academic writing as it helps you remember information. It also helps students learn new concepts using the non-linear approach.

Most importantly, mind mapping is ideal as it makes complex ideas easier to understand. Within a short time, you will be able to generate ideas and get going on your project

Choose a Good Topic

The topic you choose for your essay will play an important role in determining whether or not you create a good paper. If you pick a relevant topic that interests you, you will be motivated to conduct the research and organize your findings into a captivating essay.

On the other hand, a boring and complex topic will be hard to tackle. When choosing a topic, also consider the availability of sources and information.

Conduct some preliminary research to see whether you will have enough material to complete a quality essay on the topic. The best topics are narrow enough to be comprehensively covered within the scope of the task.

The Bottom Line

This article discusses the issue of writer’s block and offers insights on how to start and write quality essays. Understand that, while your introduction is often the first part of your text readers encounter, you can write it last.

Dive right into the discussion, using an outline to gather information and offer credible support to your points. When it comes to the introduction, make sure to include a clear and arguable thesis statement.

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