How To Choose The Best Nerf Gun For Toddlers

It can be a downer for your youngest kid when they can’t join their older siblings for a good old-fashioned shooting game. Fortunately, there are toy guns in the market that can be used safely by young kids.

Nerf guns soared into popularity because of how people of all ages can use it for some good-natured fun, allowing dads, moms, and their children to spend some quality time without compromising safety.

If you have kids aged one to three years old, you must look for the best Nerf gun for toddlers to make sure that everyone in the family can join in the amusements.

Here are some factors to consider when buying one:

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One of the primary aspects that you should be mindful of when choosing a blaster is the size. Your little one’s arms and fingers are still growing, so you must ensure that they get a toy gun that’s the right fit for their body.

A significant issue with large Nerf guns is that your toddler may be unable to pull the trigger and lose at the game, which can have an emotional and mental impact on them.

Moreover, it will become challenging for them to lug around a toy that’s too big for their frame, and they may end up getting tired too quickly after running around with it.


Weight works with size in ensuring that your toddler enjoys playtime, which is a crucial part of childhood.

While toddlers may have already developed their muscles and strength, you still need to think about the heaviness of the Nerf gun that you’ll be giving to them.

Similar to the size factor, they may expend all their energy in making sure that the toy stays in their hands while simultaneously trying to pull the trigger and being engaged in the game. A toy with the right size and weight can encourage them to participate in the activity actively.


Toddlers are still developing their fine motor skills, which is why you must consider how they can operate their Nerf guns. The toy must have a straightforward loading and priming process to make it easy for their little hands to shoot.

You’ll want the toy gun with a front-load method so that your kid can put the bullets right into the gun’s barrel. In contrast, a clip system can become frustrating for your little one.

Your primary objective should be to boost their sense of independence, which you can facilitate by providing  them with the right tool.

For priming, younger kids generally have better experiences with primers at the back of the toy or below the handle. This is because they can grip the peripheral comfortably in these locations, as well as take advantage of their upper body when they perform a pulling mechanism.

Bullet Type

For safety, you must check the type of bullet that the toy is using. Typically, Nerf gun ammos are composed of foam. Inspect the tips of the accessories as well to ensure that there are no sharp ends that can cause injuries. It may be better to avoid suction cup darts, especially those that have blunt points at the end, which may lead to accidents.

Of course, you have to teach your children about safety, as well as how they must play with their Nerf guns. Explain to your toddler where they can or can’t hit their playmates, and how to handle the toy properly. You may also assign your older kids to look after their younger siblings to develop their sense of responsibility.


Your toddler definitely doesn’t need a very powerful toy gun with high pressure. Your older children may enjoy this type of blaster, but it should be out of the question if they’re playing with their baby brothers or sisters.

Powerful shooters are more challenging to prime, which poses a challenge to little fingers and hands. Moreover, the intense pressure can hurt the holder and the target more, which may leave all the players in the game bawling their hearts out.

Power Supply

Lastly, opt for manually-operated Nerf guns rather than those that require batteries. This is because the latter adds more weight to the toy and may be difficult for your toddler to carry around.


Nerf guns are a popular toy choice for toddlers. It can encourage them to play outside and teach them about teamwork, as well as sportsmanship.

You should make sure to find the best type for your kid by considering the size, weight, operation, bullet type, pressure, and power supply.

These factors must be considered with little hands and fingers in mind for the best playtime experience.

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