10 Great Birthday Gifts for the Beauty-Lovers in Your Life

1. Eyelash Extension Kit 

Eyelash extensions are all the rage, and in the case of your beauty lover, gifting them the ability to have the semi permanence of lash extensions with the convenience and cost effectiveness of a DIY home kit will be sure to make their day.

By gifting an eyelash extension kit, you are giving your beauty guru the chance to ditch the lash tech and achieve the perfect voluminous lash look any time they please.

Great Birthday Gifts for the Beauty Lovers in Your Life

2. Essential Makeup Brush Set

It is common knowledge that not all makeup brushes are created equal. In fact many are made out of cheap materials that irritate the skin.

Loq quality makeup brushes defeat their main purpose which is for contouring that only comes with proper application. Many low quality sets also hold grit even after a proper cleaning.

The gift of a quality makeup set will not be lost on your beauty guru loved one. They are sure to use the whole set which comes with various brushes with different purposes for application. 

Great Birthday Gifts for the Beauty Lovers in Your Life 2

3. Facial Mask Bundle

Face masks are the ultimate self-care wind down exercise.There are so many masks out there that cover a variety of purposes, which is why buying a multi-purpose face mask bundle for the beauty lover in your life is a great way to have their face and eyes looking their best.

Boosting skin radiance, deep cleaning pores, replenishing hydration, enhancing collagen production, relieving puffiness are all tasks the masks are sure to aid in.

4. Hair Care Set

Damaged, frazzled, coarse hair is an absolute no in a beauty lover’s mind. Too many people struggle with split ends, and poorly taken care of hair that has become damaged over the years.

A hair care kit works to treat your hair with clean formulas and quality tools, so that restoration can take place.

Whether it’s hair serums, quality combs and brushes, a towel, or a cold-pressed tsubaki, a hair care set is sure to provide all the self-care moments for your loved one.

5. Silk Pillowcase

The number one beauty trend of 2022, silk pilowcases are all the rage right now. Sleeping with a silk pillowcase comes highly recommended by dermatologists and estheticians, as the silk in a pillowcase minimizes friction on both your skin and your hair while you sleep.

If the beauty lover in your life is looking to minimize frizziness in their hair or maintain hydration in their face, giving them a tool that will make for a cooling night of rest is sure to win their hearts.

6. Airwrap Hair Styler

How would you like to have a a hairbrush, curling iron, and a hair dryer all in one? With the airwrap hair styler, this invention leaves your hair volumized, shaped, blown out, or curled.

There are so many purposes and styles to use it. In fact, many versions of this product come with different heads that can accommodate different needs to leave you with perfectly stylized hair for whatever look ou desire.

7. A Skincare Set

Any beauty guru teaches the importance of a regimen skin care routine. In fact, most people would venture to say that high quality skin care is actually more important than makeup.

If you’re unsure where to start, lots of skincare brands will actually put kits together of their best sellers, so you can give your beauty lover all the multi-purpose classics.

Finding one with a cleanser, primer, moisturizer, eye cream, and lip balm is the ultimate way to make their day.

8. At-home Gel Nail Kit

Much like lash extensions, getting your nails done is an expensive habit to have to maintain. But people are drawn to getting a manicure over simply painting their nails at home due to the longevity of gel nails and how much longer they last than at-home nail polish.

Much like gifting your lash extension lover a eyelash extension kit, gifting your manicure lover an at-home nail kit is an easy way to equip them with a quality gel manicure along with all the convenience and money-saving aspects that come from doing it at home. 

9. Gua Sha Kit

Part of Eastern beauty traditions for centuries, Gua Shas are made of jade stone that can be used to sculpt and massage the face.

This ancient beauty technique that has risen in popularity as a facial sculpting tool that can contour jawlines. Many people prefer to do this beauty method at night with their skin care routine, and can produce shocking results.

The natural contouring and draining of the lymphatic system is sure to leave your beauty lover with shocking before and after photos. 

10. Lighted Mirror

We all know that doing makeup with bad lighting is a beauty guru’s worst nightmare. Finding a lighted mirror with various light dimming settings can create a world of difference when it comes to achieving the perfect lighting in your home, on the go, or on a vacation.

Buying a quality portable mirror is the perfect way to help achieve the perfect makeup application setting wherever your loved one goes.

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