30+ Super Stylish Design Ideas for Blue Winter Nails

Freezing and super stylish blue winter nails that will make you look like a real Ice Queen.

Yes, ladies, this winter we are obsessed with the Frozen colors and hues. Let’s feel the icy weather with super cool blue winter nails.

And these nail designs are coming just in time after the festive season dedicated to red, gold, and sparkling manicure. Forget about the traditional red, green, white, and gold, and bet on the deepest blue hues and combinations.

The color can be classic, turquoise, or Turkish. All the shades are in the top trends of the season. Enjoy these beautiful examples of blue manicures.

Paired with glitter or fine brocade, gold elements and foil, or simple designs with a light accent, it would be a wonderful choice for the rest of the holiday season and parties.

Super Stylish Blue Winter Nails Ideas

Just like all other nail designs, blue winter nails can go from a classic one-colored polish to brave combinations with glitter, gemstones, prints, and patterns.

  • Sparkling Winter Blue Nails– let it shine, like the first snow. You can play with the finest brocade, foil, nail stones, and mixing different blue shades.
  • Snowflakes– a single snowflake on your ring finger will instantly make your hands look on-trend. Snowflakes can be hand-drawn or bought as a sticker that you can place over your nails, so it’s suitable even for those with very limited nail decorating skills.
    • Individual Polish and Pattern Design– just like the variety of holidays during the winter, your nails can be different in color, textures, and patterns. You can have glitter, snowflake, plain, and even sweater pattern nails at the same time.
    • Seasonal Accents– from sparkling top nail coat, snowflakes, and snowmen to beautiful marble nails and classic simple blue polish.

    For more nail design inspiration, do not forget to check our dedicated Pinterest board.

    1. Marble Blue

    blue winter nails 23
    Instagram @mbeauty__x

    2. Winter Sky

    blue winter nails 24
    Instagram @flickandswatch

    3. Silver Blue Nails

    Blue Winter Nails
    Instagram @nails_by_danielledyer

    4. Winter Sky and Snowflakes

    Blue Winter Nails
    Instagram @mayras_nail_creations

    5. Winter Blue Nails

    Blue Winter Nails
    Instagram @clawsbyalyssa

    6. Blue Glitter

    Blue Winter Nails
    Instagram @need_more_fingers

    7. Golden Lining

    Blue Winter Nails
    Instagram @nail.art.risa

    8. Mix of Textures

    Blue Winter Nails
    Instagram @jessicas_nailbeautycabin

    9. Azure Blue

    Blue Winter Nails
    Instagram @purevanity.nl

    10. Night Sky

    Blue Winter Nails
    Instagram @stematelavinia

    11. Silver Lines

    Blue Winter Nails
    Instagram @strategic_nails

    12. Snowy Steps

    Blue Winter Nails
    Instagram @zolnai_eniko_nails

    13. Frozen Blue

    Blue Winter Nails
    Instagram @korts_nails_

    14. Deep Blue

    Blue Winter Nails
    Instagram @owca_artist

    15. Snow Queen

    Blue Winter Nails
    Instagram @nailed_by_valle

    16. Snowman

    blue winter nails 13

    17. Silver Ornaments

    blue winter nails 14
    Instagram @salon.kupidon.plovdiv

    18. Blue Winter Nails with Snowflakes

    blue winter nails 15
    Instagram @magicalnailart2022

    19. Azur Blue and White

    blue winter nails 16
    Instagram @nails_by_amyb

    20. Golden Foil

    blue winter nails 17
    Instagram @boom_nails_shop

    21. Golden Snowflakes

    blue winter nails 18
    Instagram @natalynn.nails.spa

    22. Blue Winter Nails with Painting

    blue winter nails 19
    Instagram @braggaxyz

    23. Winter Butterflies

    blue winter nails 20
    Instagram @beautycenterdiamond

    24. Metallic Blue

    blue winter nails 21
    Instagram @cecile_nails_it

    25. All Shades of Winter

    blue winter nails 22
    Instagram @lovethenailgarden

    26. Starry Winter Sky

    blue winter nails 25
    Instagram @details225details

    27. Simple Winter Ble Nails

    blue winter nails 26
    Instagram @34bea.uty

    28. Ice Blue Sparkle

    blue winter nails 27
    Instagram @mary_krupova

    29. Let it Snow Nails

    blue winter nails 28
    Instagram @___manails___

    30. Frozen Nails

    blue winter nails 29
    Instagram @ faithful_nailz

    31. Gem Stones

    blue winter nails 30
    Instagram @emmalouise.nailartist

    32. Soft Pink Accent

    blue winter nails 31
    Instagram @ hortenziacermian

    33. Festive Lights

    blue winter nails 32
    Instagram @ dazzled.nails.vip

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    Lindsey Harris
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