10 Different Breastfeeding Positions That Every Mom Needs to Try

Regardless of the feeding position, it is important to follow the basic principles: you need to hold a baby next to you so that its head is at the level of your chest.

A kid’s head, neck, and body should be located in the same plane, its face has to be turned to the chest.  Also, you have to prepare everything you may need in advance, drink, food, etc.

What’s even more, if a kid is on mixed feeding, it’s recommended to have some baby formula just in case a child refuses breast milk.

So let’s check the 10 most common different positions you should try. 

10 Different Breastfeeding Positions That Every Mom Needs to Try

1. Cradle Hold

This is the most common feeding pose. A mother sits on the bed or in an armchair and holds a baby in her arms, a kid’s tummy is pressed against the mother’s stomach.

An infant’s mouth should be opposite the nipple so that the mother’s hands do not get tired, it is recommended to put a pillow under a child.

2. Side-Lying Position

The lying-down pose gives mom the opportunity to relax her back and take a break. A woman is on her side, and the baby’s head is on her lower arm (there should also be a pillow under the mother’s head).

The top hand can guide the breast or support a baby.

3. Football Hold 

You need to sit comfortably on a chair leaning on pillows. Place a child on a pillow on the back so that its legs are under your arm and pointing towards the back of the chair.

Supporting a kid’s back and shoulders hold its head with the same hand, and with the other hand, you can support the feeding breast.


4. Cross-Cradle 

A newborn should lie on the mother’s arm, the mother holds a baby’s head with the palm of her second hand and can direct it towards the chest, and also put the breast into a kid’s mouth.

Such a feeding pose is also extremely suitable if a baby is bottle-fed. The point is that if you are using the baby formula a kid may swallow more air, so you can control how a newborn takes a bottle. 

5. Laid-Back Breastfeeding 

A baby lies on a mother, belly to belly, the head is slightly turned to the side. This position is comfortable during the first months of life.

During this period, lactation is still being established. Another plus of this pose for newborns is the stimulation of the tummy. Usually, after feeding in this position, children suffer less from gas and colic.

6. Koala pose

A baby sits on the mother’s knee, facing her. With one hand, you support a child by the back, while with the other, you form the breast to feed the child.

7. Dangle Feeding

This position can be beneficial for both mother and baby. For mom, this is an opportunity to empty the central and lower lobes in the chest.

Such feeding is convenient for a baby when it is difficult for it to suck on its own. You can feed, hanging from above, both on the bed and on the changing table. 

8. Dancer’s Hand

It’s most convenient to use this technique while in a cross-cradle pose. You need to hold the back of the child’s head with one hand, and the chest with the other so that your thumb is on top.

Push your thumb and index finger forward so that they form an imaginary letter U in front of the chest. With the same fingers, you will hold a baby by the cheeks throughout the entire suckling time.

9. Baby Carrier

Feeding takes place practically on weight, with the support of a baby in a sling. Place a kid against the breast, helping it find the nipple.

Attach a kid to the breast supporting the back. The baby’s cheek will touch the chest, providing free breathing.

10. Top-and-Tail

A rather rarely used pose comes to the rescue with milk stagnation. A baby empties the mother’s breasts unevenly.

It sucks milk from that part of the chest where its chin points when feeding.

This position is used if you need a kid to help dissolve the relatively rare seals in the upper chest.

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